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BTC Wraps up 13 Consecutive Years of Recorded Market Value, With No Santa Rally in 2022

By completion of this year bitcoin will have 13 consecutive years of recorded market price under its belt. Seven of those years saw Santa rallies all the method up up until New Year’s Eve, and 5 of the 13 years saw bearish returns from Dec. 1 to Dec. 31. There’s still 6 more days left up until completion of 2022, however existing market action appears to point towards unfavorable returns this month.

13 Years of Bitcoin Prices in (*13*)

2022 wasn’t the best year for bitcoin (BTC) in terms of market price determined in fiat. At the start of the year, BTC was trading for approximately $46K per system and ever since, the cost has actually toppled 63% because the very first of Jan. 2022. According to records, the very first recorded small value of bitcoin in U.S. dollars was on Oct. 5, 2009 and it was costing $0.00764 per BTC on New Liberty Standard (NLS). At that rate, whoever was purchasing bitcoins at that time by means of NLS might navigate 1,309.03 BTC for $1.

We cant truly count 2009, as seeing gains throughout the last month of the year, as recorded rates are erratic. However, records reveal on Dec. 17, 2009, one might navigate 1,630.33 BTC for for a single greenback. On Dec. 28, 2009, NLS quotes are around 1,578.76 BTC for $1. In Dec. 2010, BTC’s cost was much greater and on the very first day of the month, BTC exchanged hands for $0.21 per coin. By Dec. 31, 2010, a single bitcoin was 42.85% greater at $0.30 per system. Bitcoin would also see gains throughout the last month in 2011, and 2012.

In 2011, BTC traded for $2.97 per system on Dec. 1, and thirty days later on BTC exchanged hands for $4.25 or 43.09% greater. On Dec. 1, 2012, BTC altered hands for $12.57 per coin and by the end of the year, BTC was up 7% at $13.45 per system. During the next 2 years, in spite of the bull run in 2013, BTC did not see Santa rallies. For circumstances, on Dec. 1, 2013, BTC was trading for $955.85 per coin and by Dec 31, it was 21.11% lower at $754.01 per system.

2014 saw a 15.57% loss as BTC traded for $379.25 on Dec. 1, and discovered itself altering hands for $320.19 by the year’s end. The last month of 2015, 2016, and 2017 all saw Santa rallies. In 2015 on Dec. 1, bitcoin was trading for $362.49, however by the year’s end it leapt 18.78% greater as it exchanged hands for $430.57 per system. Similarly, on Dec. 1, 2016, BTC was trading for $756.77 and by Dec. 31, it was up 27.34% and was switching for $963.74 per coin.

BTC also saw gains in 2017 when it traded for $10,975.60 per coin on Dec. 1 and after that ended the year 28.98% greater at $14,156.40 per BTC. History reveals that 3 out of the 4 next Decembers saw unfavorable returns. In 2018, BTC switched for $4,194.39 on Dec. 1, and on Dec. 31, BTC was trading for $3,740.23 losing 10.82% in USD value. The next year on Dec. 1, 2019, bitcoin was trading for $7,449.52 and by the end of the year, it was down 3.13% and traded for $7,216.10 per system.

2020 was the very best bitcoin Santa rally ever recorded as BTC leapt 53% greater throughout the last month of the year. On Dec. 1, 2020, BTC switched hands for $18,876.77 per coin and by the year’s end it was up to $28,994.35. At completion of 2021, BTC rates dropped throughout the last month, moving 18.92% in USD value throughout the course of one month.

On Dec. 1, 2021, BTC was trading for $57,217.66 per system and by the month’s end, BTC was down to $46,387.98 per coin. Last month, wasn’t the best for BTC as it was up above $20K per system prior to FTX collapsed. That particular occasion sent out shockwaves through not just the market, however it triggered crypto markets to drop significantly in fiat value also.

As of today on Dec. 25, 2022, it does not appear like a Santa rally is in the cards for bitcoiners however you never ever understand how the year might end. Over the next week, BTC might leap 10% or more greater and end 2022’s disappointing bearish market with a bang. Or we simply may see what we’ve seen throughout the previous couple of weeks, which is a great deal of uninspired motions, low volumes because the FTX after-effects decreased, and a lot of combination.

What do you consider the last 13 years of bitcoin’s recorded value? Let us understand what you consider this topic in the comments area below.

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