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Take Back the Internet With Crypto: Pocketnet Offers 4 Free Live Educational Sessions

Take Back the Internet With Crypto: Pocketnet Offers 4 Free Live Educational Sessions

The Internet was as soon as a bastion of flexibility and was wished to bring financial power to daily individuals. These days a couple of central platforms such as Google, Facebook and Amazon control the online world, choosing what we can and cannot state, while keeping all the worth on their own. In an approaching 4-session live occasion you can discover how Pocketnet, a decentralized social networks platform, modifications this permanently.

Join an Exclusive Live Crypto Challenge

Pocketnet is a decentralized, open-sourced, and censorship-resistant platform that offers an alternative to centralized social media network such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. It is powered by the cryptocurrency Pocketcoin (PKOIN), a Proof-of-Stake token that permits authors to make crypto for their material and safeguards them from approximate censorship through neighborhood small amounts. Blockchain tracks credibility and high credibility users moderate the platform. The token is for decentralized marketing, increasing posts, purchasing distinct font styles and styles in Pocketnet, in addition to auctioning off NFT-Scarce tokens.

Recently Pocketnet revealed a restricted area unique live occasion for cryptocurrency advocates. The occasion will include 4 live sessions on June 10, 17, 24 and 29. Participants will find out how Pocketnet and Pocketcoin will alter the internet permanently. The speakers will be Pocketnet core designers and surprise visitors. There will be no public complete recordings offered from this unique closed-door occasion so ensure to sign up today to book your area.

Decentralized Video, P2P Messaging and NFTs

The initially session – Decentralization, Blockchain, Pocketnet and Pocketcoin (PKOIN) – will happen on June 10 at 10 AM United States Eastern Time. In it you find out why centralized platforms are not your buddies, how Pocketnet utilizes a censorship-resistant blockchain nodes to get rid of centralization issue in the social networks, getting rid of the scalability issue in blockchains and the utilizes of Pocketcoin (PKOIN).

The 2nd session – Is Truly Decentralized Video Alternative to Youtube Possible? Pocketnet & Pocketcoin to the Rescue – will happen on June 17 at 10 AM United States Eastern Time. It will cover the topic of a decentralized video option to Youtube in the Pocketnet community, how video blog writers can make with PKOIN and why battling versus censorship is not about politics, it has to do with sound judgment. It will consist of unique visitor blog writers with countless customers (prior to censorship): Laura Loomer, Dan Dicks, Sarah Westall, with more visitors to be included.

The 3rd session – Is Truly Decentralized P2P Encrypted Messaging App Possible? How to preserve the personal privacy and decentralization? – will happen on June 24 at 10 AM United States Eastern Time. In it you will find out why all centralized messengers are a bad concept (even Telegram & Signal), challenges with developing a decentralized chat, utilizing blockchain to obtain file encryption secrets for the Pocketnet Chat, how to get messages offline in a decentralized platform and how to effortlessly visit from brand-new gadgets in Pocketnet & get contacts with message history.

The forth session – NFT-Scarce: A Revolutionary New Way to Sell Your Art and Content on Pocketnet – will happen on June 29 at 10 AM United States Eastern Time. It will discuss why the present NFT design is flawed (external storage, upkeep, absence of deficiency). This session will also cover the NFT-Scarce as a clever agreement auction on the Pocketnet blockchain, how NFT-Scarce sales are limited and what file encryption pertains to it, offering art work as NFT-Scarce for PKOIN, offering financial investment concepts as NFT-Scarce for PKOIN, offering unique material as NFT-Scarce for PKOIN and the huge launch of NFT-Scarce and Demo.

Register for the Free Crypto Challenge HERE.

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