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4 Efficient Ways to Buy Bitcoins

Today more than ever, Bitcoin is in headlines. With the upward price and the declining trend, everybody and their dogs are keen to know how to buy Bitcoin and how to sell it. Bitcoin is now widely accepted worldwide, being one of the most common types of cryptocurrencies (and the blockchain technology that drives them). However, if you want to do it, you will first learn how and what you have to buy Bitcoin.

Bitcoin took the planet by surprise when it rocketed from obscurity to close at $20,000 a coin in 2017. After that high-value, many Bitcoin evangelists still say that Bitcoin was the money of the future. But now markets have been calming a bit. Follow up to find out how Bitcoin operates, and how to buy Bitcoin safely.

Let us get some context details first on what Bitcoin is… Bitcoin is a digital currency that is mainly used for online shopping, and as a hedge but is very volatile. It is not a government-funded. It operates then through a program where Bitcoin people can earn “mining” money or perform calculations with their own computer. They can also be purchased in dollars or almost any other currency.

Top 4 sites to sell and buy Bitcoins

Coinbase is America’s first and most popular Bitcoin website. It provides trading and wallet in one place to start with Bitcoin, making it one of the easiest locations. Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin are all sponsored by Coinbase. You can quickly transfer money from and into your account and turn it into Bitcoin, and back in dollars if you like. After you sign in and connect to your bank account, you use your wallet to make purchases from a checking account or USD Coinbase wallet,

Coinbase pays a variable dollar rate of 1.49 per cent. Credit or debit card transactions carry a flat fee of 3.99 per cent. The Coinbase wallet is very secure; it is available through the website, and smartphones. It utilizes two-fold authentication and maintains robust physical, and paper data backups in protected storage boxes and vaults all over the world.

Coinbase also keeps 98% of customers’ funds offline in order to defend from malicious hackers Which further
shows that Coinbase is a leader in the United States in digital currencies.

Robinhood has started as a free stock brokerage and has recently expanded to the digital currency world. The best thing: no bills! Bitcoin and other digital currency can be bought and sold for free on this website. In its smartphone program, Robinhood facilitates crypto-currency trades and business data. Your coins are deposited in your portfolio and share a password on the Robinhood website. This app to buy Bitcoin is not only on smartphone, so you can also exchange on your laptop and handle money from your computer or tablet easily. If you need to sign in to your account on a tiny computer, you can’t beat easy!

Square Cash:
This is another smartphone application where Bitcoin can be bought and sold at no discount. The Square Cash app is now perfect for free (similar to Venmo) transferring cash to family and friends. Nevertheless, the introduction of free buying and selling Bitcoin, puts the Cash app at the top of the Bitcoin market customers.

Cash software is developed by the mobile card reader business Square. Square is a large, multi-service financial infrastructure firm. Bitcoin is just a little part of what they are doing. Yet the price is correct without charges. You do not have your Bitcoin outside Square, as do other digital wallets, to transfer or redeem through your Square Cash account. But Square does provide this option should you want to transfer your coins to another wallet.

Square caps buying at $10,000 monthly, but what you will sell is not capped.

The Binance business funds a range of digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Binance Coin (BNB). The financial commitment is very small at just 10% for companies. Binance is your only option for you to go far further than the other common coins.

Binance provides the possibilities to exchange coins in many currencies with the help of digital currencies such as EOS, Skycoin, TRON, ICON, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Ripple, Stellar Lumens, Bitcoin Cash and a variety of other cryptocurrencies that you possibly have never heard about.

Although this website provides a wide variety of cheap currencies, glitches in the Android smartphone app are recorded and certain users have recorded delays withdrawing those currencies. Binance is not insured, which is a major concern, particularly following detections and revocations of some suspicious trades in March 2018.

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