60 Hong Kong-Based Vending Machines Support McAfee’s Ghost Token for Payments

On June 28, 2020, the group behind Ghost Coin exposed a collaboration with the digital currency payment processor Ivendpay. Ghost is a task led by the infamous John McAfee and according to the current statement, 60 vending machines in Hong Kong will support the privacy-centric coin for payments.

It’s definitely never ever a dull day in John McAfee’s world and today his Ghost Coin group exposed a cooperation with the crypto payment start-up Ivendpay. The start-up is a multi-currency payment system that enables individuals to accept cryptocurrency and other kinds of electronic fiat payments.

Ivendpay supports bitcoin (BTC), ethereum (ETH), bitcoin money (BCH), binance coin (BNB), and more crypto coins at many vending machines and points of sale. The business also uses a payment gadget called the mPOS terminal which allows crypto payments leveraging NFC innovation, a dual-screen, and a printer for invoices.

On Sunday, the authorities Twitter account for the Ghost Coin job led by McAfee exposed a cooperation with Ivendpay. “When we initially released Ghost our vision was not just to concentrate on personal privacy, however also on genuine user adoption,” the Ghost account tweeted. The tweet continued:

We enjoy to reveal that we have actually partnered with Ivendpay to release Ghost as a type of payment in over 60 vending machines throughout HK consisting of Hong Kong Disneyland.

60 Hong Kong-Based Vending Machines Support McAfee's Ghost Token for Payments

Sergey Danilov, the creator of Ivendpay, thinks that cryptocurrency support will benefit current payment systems for automated and retail trade. “Tens of countless little deals worldwide will attract cryptocurrencies’ capitalization,” stated Danilov. News.Bitscoins.web reported on the Ghost job in mid-April, back when McAfee revealed the launch and worried that “federal governments will be not able to shut [ghost] down.”

Ghost also went live recently on McAfee’s brand-new dispersed exchange, and the Bitscoins.net exchange noted the ESH token at the end of May, in preparation for McAfee’s Ghost Airdrop. The Ghost network’s mainnet is live today and the coin’s developers declare the tokens are privacy-centric.

According to the white paper or “litepaper”, the proof-of-stake (PoS) ghost token’s “deals utilize a cutting-edge escrow swimming pool to protect and remove the history of deals.”

“[Ghost] deals will be confirmed utilizing zero-knowledge evidence and ZcashSapling, Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge (zk-SNARKs), ‘The Sapling Protocol,’” the paper highlights. Just just recently the Ghost job launched the Ghost Wallet 2.0.6 and another idea called ghostfundme.com.

Now with the collaboration with Ivendpay, it will permit for ghost tokens to pay for a variety of items in 60 vending machines throughout Hong Kong. The news follows the current reports of a variety of vending machines throughout Hong Kong that accept bitcoin money (BCH) and ethereum (ETH).

For years now the idea of leveraging cryptocurrencies with vending machines has actually been a popular pattern, this is natural since the 2 concepts work together. With coins that utilize low deal charges, it appears the popular pattern with vending machines will continue, a minimum of on specific networks.

What do you think of the 60 vending machines in Hong Kong that will accept ghost token through Ivendpay? Let us understand what you think of this topic in the comments below.

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