Air France Tests Blockchain for Supply Chain Tracking


Oneof the world’s biggest airline companies is taking a look at how it can use blockchain innovation to track workflows within its airplane upkeep systems.

AirFrance, inning accordance with Aviation Today, just recently talked about the possibility in a webinar along with Microsoft and Ramco Aviation, a business that establishes software application for upkeep, overhaul and repair work (MRO) systems that airline companies utilize to service their airplane.

Duringthe session, James Kornberg, development director for Air France KLM’s company system, stated that supply chain applications in specific are particularly appealing to the airliner.

“The use case has to be realistic. The four features of blockchain are resilience, traceability, integrity and disintermediation [and] are well suited to the aviation supply chain,”he stated.

Theconcern of whether Air France will begin changing to completely blockchain-based systems stays an open one.

Asestimated by Aviation Today, Kornberg stated that a significant barrier is that much of airline company information isn’t really in fact kept digitally. Until paper-based procedures are updated, blockchain would not be as handy as visualized.

“In the aviation industry, we still have a lot of our data that is not digitalized, still a lot of analog data, the first step, and that’s what we’re doing at the moment – going to a fully digital solution, on all the supply chain and all the aviation data that we get,”discussed Kornberg.

Air France planeimage by means of Fasttailwind/Shutterstock

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