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Another US City Aims to Become Bitcoin Hub — Exploring BTC Payroll, Mining, Holding Crypto in Balance Sheet

Another U.S. city, besides Miami, is looking to become a bitcoin hub. The mayor of the city of Jackson TN states that his city is exploring payroll conversions in crypto in addition to bitcoin mining to include the cryptocurrency to its balance sheet.

Jackson TN Looking to Become a Bitcoin Hub

Mayor Scott Conger of Jackson, Tennessee, has actually shared on Twitter his strategies to make his city a bitcoin hub. “Jackson TN is in a prime position to blaze a trail in cryptocurrency adoption,” he stated today.

“Local federal government will blaze a trail in bitcoin adoption, and together with it, usher in a brand-new commercial transformation with sustainable economies that will assist close the wealth space,” the mayor tweeted Wednesday. “Utilizing dollar-cost averaging in valuing possessions, like cryptocurrency, is one method we bridge the wealth space and economically empower individuals.”

Using BTC, LTC, and ETH hashtags, Mayor Conger tweeted Tuesday:

We’re exploring payroll conversions for our workers. Even more interesting – we’re seriously exploring mining bitcoin to include to our balance sheet.

Another US City Aims to Become Bitcoin Hub — Exploring BTC Payroll, Mining, Holding Crypto in Balance Sheet

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The mayor also altered his profile photo on Twitter to consist of laser eyes, the meme with the underlying significance that anybody wearing the eyes is laser-focused on bitcoin’s rate increasing to $100,000. Politicians, stars, and financiers have actually taken part and put laser eyes on their profile images, consisting of the pro-bitcoin U.S. Senator Cynthia Lummis.

Meanwhile, a comparable effort is underway in the city of Miami, Florida, where Mayor Francis Suarez is pressing to make his city a bitcoin hub. The city commissioners have actually voted to support the mayor’s resolution to permit payments in BTC for wages, taxes, and charges. The city also supports efforts to make bitcoin an appropriate currency for possibly investing in the state treasury.

What do you consider U.S. cities embracing bitcoin? Let us understand in the comments area below.

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