Launches Games Stars Leaderboard – Win BTC Every Week

To present a brand-new taste to the ever interesting online video gaming experience at, we are releasing a fresh brand-new promo where you can win BTC worth $200 each week. The Games Stars promo sets the phase for 10 gamers to win from a reward swimming pool of $1000 weekly.

Are You Our Next Star? Launches Games Stars Leaderboard – Win BTC Every Week

Launched on 16th September, Games Stars is a leaderboard promo unique to the sought-after games of Slots, Roulette, Keno and Satoshi Circle at Bitcoin Games. With the very first reward of $200, the top 10 winners will stake their claim at the weekly reward swimming pool* of $1000 and brand-new gamers can check their nerve each week. All rewards will be paid in BTC.

Bitcoin Games Leaderboard Is Up For the Taking Launches Games Stars Leaderboard – Win BTC Every Week

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Bitcoin Games is understood among lovers for its low limit of minimum deposits, as low as 0.0001 BTC, and a personal privacy made it possible for online video gaming experience. With Games Stars, we are supplying a chance for our neighborhood to win BTC at a leaderboard that resets each week on Sunday at 23: 59 (GMT). At completion of the week, if you are among the winners, you will get your reward in BTC. BTC/USD rates will be identified based on the running rate at the time of circulation. Respecting personal privacy, “every user is instantly provided a confidential account when they enter our website,” notes You can even go back to your account utilizing the distinct URL by clicking the My Account menu tab and saving your link for future use.

* Jackpots will be counted as different from the leaderboard.

What do you consider the brand-new leaderboard’s weekly rewards? Share your ideas in the comments area below.

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