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Today, mediators of the subscriber list for Bitcoin designers, Ruben Somsen, Bryan Bishop, and Warren Togami, revealed the migration of the subscriber list to Google Groups.

“The bitcoin-dev mailing list has migrated from where it was originally hosted, to Linux Foundation, to OSUOSL, and now it is migrating to Google Groups,” stated Bitcoin developer Bryan Bishop.

Subscribers to the existing subscriber list are advised to act without delay, as e-mails to the old list will no longer be accepted since February 2024. The brand-new subscriber list place will be available here.

For those who missed out on the invite or choose to subscribe by hand, alternative choices are supplied, consisting of e-mail membership or online user interface registration utilizing a Google account. “If you missed the invite and want to subscribe manually you have two options,” the statement specified. “You can send an email to [email protected] and then send a reply to the automated email you’ll receive (check your spam folder). Alternatively, you can also subscribe through the online interface at, using a Google account (not the same as gmail – you can create a Google account with any email address you like).”

The statement also stressed the value of remaining decided in to get all messages, to assist in active involvement and keep connection in discussions to make sure that replies are threaded together effectively.

Furthermore, the migration guarantees the conservation and availability of archived subscriber list contents (no Google account needed) with backups offered externally, where the old subscriber list can be seen. It is essential to keep in mind that the mediators “aren’t relying on Google for anything critical here and are merely using them as a conduit for information that is already meant to be public.”

The subscriber list mediators also wish to advise individuals to make certain posts relate to everybody in order to keep a great signal-to-noise ratio. A list of the subscriber list guidelines, which stay the same, can be be discovered here. Moderators can be reached at [email protected].

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