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BTCPay Server, an open-source bitcoin payment processor, is set to premiere a function documentary entitled “My Trust In You Is Broken” at the Bitcoin Film Fest in Warsaw, Poland, on April 19.

The documentary, directed by Parker Worthington, explores the starts of Bitcoin as a payment system and highlights Nicolas Dorier’s motivating story in starting and structure BTCPay Server.

The story of “My Trust In You Is Broken” focuses on the Block Size Wars period in 2017, especially BitPay’s advocacy for SegWit2x, which would have increased Bitcoin’s block size limitation. Seeing this, Dorier was inspired to develop BTCPay Server in defiance of this centralized control, empowering merchants to accept Bitcoin straight by themselves, promoting decentralization and self-reliance from intermediaries.

The documentary, covering 42 minutes, clarifies the value of confirming deals and the dangers related to relying on 3rd parties blindly. It displays BTCPay Server’s journey from its beginning in 2017, highlighting its development into a community-driven platform understood for its personal privacy and autonomy functions.

The movie, which started production at the Bitcoin 2023 Conference in Miami, catches crucial minutes and interviews with BTCPay factors, offering a detailed point of view on Bitcoin’s advancement as a cash. “My Trust In You Is Broken” intends to act as a testimony to the continuous development of Bitcoin and the value of community-driven efforts like BTCPay Server in forming its future.

More details on the Bitcoin Film Fest can be discovered on its site here.

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