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With the increasing cost and appeal of bitcoin come various frauds. Bitcoin Superstar and Bitcoin Era are two financial investment plans that have actually just recently gotten much attention. had a look at them, and it did not take much to find how comparable they are to each other and numerous other widely known frauds.

Bitcoin Superstar vs Bitcoin Era – Same Template, Different Names

Bitcoin Superstar and Bitcoin Era are presently two of the most popular bitcoin financial investment plans, however it does not take long to find how scammy their sites are. For a start, they both have the same cookie-cutter design template. They both show a caution in red at the leading specifying that “Due to exceptionally high media need, we will close registration as of 19/02/2020 – Hurry.” Such seriousness and shortage methods have actually long been utilized to press individuals into purchasing lots of items.

Bitcoin Superstar and Bitcoin Era - The Latest Two Faces of the Same Scam
The Bitcoin Superstar site (left) and the Bitcoin Era site (right) utilizing the same cookie-cutter design template.

Next comes the buzz. Both the Bitcoin Superstar and the Bitcoin Era sites show various buzz expressions, such as “Bitcoin is making individuals abundant,” “you can end up being the next millionaire,” and “alter your life today.” Both plans also function the same video, beginning with CNN protection, followed by widely known individuals consisting of Richard Branson, speaking favorably about bitcoin. To gain more trustworthiness, the two websites in addition show logo designs of Bitgo, Norton, Secure Trading, and McAfee, with “As seen on” CNN,, Time, and Forbes.

Bitcoin Superstar explains itself as a group of “individuals who got on the ridiculous returns that bitcoin uses,” stressing that its members “earn money on their laptop computer with simply a couple of minutes of ‘work’ every day.” Bitcoin Era published a comparable message, with a concentrate on its trading software application. “With the Bitcoin Era software application, you can capitalize of the revenue capacity in the bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets,” its site explains.

The Fake Testimonials

How can one offer a scam without radiant reviews? The next area of both the Bitcoin Superstar and the Bitcoin Era sites displays the expected reviews of their effective traders. At the time of this writing, Bitcoin Superstar shows “Real testemonials from our users,” with the word reviews misspelled. Both sites utilize the same 4 individuals’s images however alter their names, places, and the quantity of revenue they made.

Bitcoin Superstar and Bitcoin Era - The Latest Two Faces of the Same Scam
The reviews on Bitcoin Superstar (top) and the reviews on Bitcoin Era (bottom).

The 4 user images can be discovered on lots of other sites. For example, the image of the very first user (Mark K. from Forth Worth, TX, on Bitcoin Superstar, who is also James H. from San Antonio, TX, on Bitcoin Era) can be downloaded from complimentary stock image site

Bitcoin Superstar and Bitcoin Era - The Latest Two Faces of the Same Scam
Mark K. on Bitcoin Superstar (aka James H. on Bitcoin Era) whose image can be downloaded easily from

The Same Cookie-Cutter Template Used by Many Scams

Bitcoin Superstar and Bitcoin Era are not the just ones utilizing the same cookie-cutter design template. These frauds will keep looking like long as there are individuals going to spend cash to join them. has actually called plenty more frauds that are utilizing the same site format. Among them are Bitcoin Investor, Bitcoin Revolution, Bitcoin Trader, Bitcoin Evolution, Bitcoin Formula, Bitcoin Secret, Crypto Revolt, Bitcoin Rush, and Crypto Xchange. The site also discusses another viral scam called Bitcoin Billionaire and keeps in mind that the very first scam of this format was Bitcoin Trader.

Bitcoin Superstar and Bitcoin Era - The Latest Two Faces of the Same Scam
Examples of frauds utilizing the same cookie-cutter design template Bitcoin Era, Bitcoin Superstar, and Bitcoin Trader usage. Source:

Over time, some of these sites might have altered their look. Bitcoin Era, for instance, has actually set up another site with the same logo design. There have also been numerous Bitcoin Era press launches released on some crypto news sites.

Bitcoin Superstar and Bitcoin Era - The Latest Two Faces of the Same Scam
Another Bitcoin Era site.

The Scamcryptorobots site also keeps in mind that there are phony evaluations and phony newspaper article for these frauds. In addition to alerting about 3 bitcoin frauds, consisting of Bitcoin Code and Bitcoin Trader, news.Bitscoins.web has actually detailed how to find frauds like Bitcoin Doubler Club, Cryptomia247, Mining Cheap, Orelex Financial Services, and Wintrust Expert Options.

$250 Upfront Investment, €13,000 in 24 Hours Guaranteed

It is constantly a warning when a financial investment plan requests cash in advance as Bitcoin Superstar and Bitcoin Era do. To get included with either of them, you require to sign up on their sites and fund your account. “So to begin benefiting with the Bitcoin Superstar, you should invest any quantity you prefer of $250 or more,” its site states. Bitcoin Era requests a comparable in advance financial investment while declaring that its trading software application is complimentary to utilize. However, you are not likely to ever see your $250 once again. Both Bitcoin Superstar and Bitcoin Era also attract brand-new signups by publishing phony, unverifiable revenues their traders allegedly made. At one point, Bitcoin Superstar even showed on its site: “Bitcoin Superstar flight on the bitcoin wave and make €13,000 ($14,038) in precisely 24 hours. Guaranteed.”

Bitcoin Era promotes that it has “produced an amazing trading software application which supplies extremely precise trade signals, permitting almost any person to make huge make money from the bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets.” The plan even more declares: “With an extraordinary precision rate of 99.4%, the Bitcoin Era software application will keep making you revenues each and every day without you needing to stress over losing.” As icing on the cake, Bitcoin Era composed: “Many of our users have actually reported making thousands of dollars daily utilizing our sophisticated trading algorithms and the truth is, the making capacity is endless.” Commenting on this impractical claim, a Bitcoin Era evaluation post on the Scamcryptorobots website explains:

In truth the just special club you are welcomed to sign up with is a losing club created by expert scam artist in order to rip you off and take your cash … So if you truly think you will make £979.98 every day for the rest of your life, you remain in for an impolite awakening.

The type of guarantees Bitcoin Era and Bitcoin Superstar make has actually gotten lots of business in problem with regulators around the world. Some of them have actually been reported to the authorities. However, it takes some time for each scam to be approved and the plan closed down. Meanwhile, they continue to take advantage of uninformed financiers, enticing in victims who wish to facilitate cash. The bottom line is any scam can install any number of sites, call the plan by various names, and produce a make over and feel. Remember, if the assure sounds too great to be real, it is probably not real, and if any warnings exist, workout severe care.

What do you believe of Bitcoin Superstar and Bitcoin Era? Let us understand in the comments area below.

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