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On April 28, the China-based mining rig maker Bitmain Technologies revealed the launch of its newest Antminer T17 design which processes approximately 40 terahashes per 2nd (TH/s). The device provides much better power performance with 55 joules per terahash (J/TH) and the T17 is also geared up with second-generation TSMC 7nm semiconductors.

Bitmain’s Newly Launched Antminer T17 Boasts 40TH/s

Bitmain has actually revealed its newest item release with the brand-new T17 design, a mining rig that allegedly boasts 40TH/s at leading speeds. The maker had actually currently launched the Antminer S17 series 2 weeks back and the latest T designs were revealed as “coming soon,” however the specs and rates were not yet offered. The Antminer T17 is a mining rig that processes the SHA-256 algorithm enabling users to mine bitcoin money (BCH) and bitcoin core (BTC). Bitmain’s blog site information that the T17 utilizes a completely brand-new style function focused on lowering dust entry. Further, the business exposes the mining rig also utilizes double tube heat dissipation innovation in order to minimize wind resistance.

“The space between the air inlet to the air outlet has been reduced by 50%, improving heat dissipation which further enhances the long-term operation of the miner and reduces maintenance costs for users,” the business’s statement discussed on Sunday.

Bitmain Aims to Leapfrog Competition With Its Next-Gen Bitcoin Miner

According to the Antminer T17 specs, the device costs $1,270 per system and the business has actually set a limitation to 10 miners per user. Shipments of the very first batch will begin on a first-paid-first-ship basis and shipment begins in between May 5-20, 2019. In addition to the 40 TH/s, the miner has a power usage of 2200W. The T17 weighs around 11.5kg with 4 fans and a sound output of around 82dB. There are 3 boards that use roughly 90 BM1397 7nm chips that use TSMC’s FinFET innovation. The T17 provides a freshly enhanced APW9 power supply which aims to guarantee longer and steady operations. The brand-new miner can be acquired through the site however deliveries to the U.S. will consist of a 2.6% tax due to the mining rig’s import category.

Bitmain Aims to Leapfrog Competition With Its Next-Gen Bitcoin Miner

Competitor ASICs Are Still Unavailable While the 5 Latest Antminer Models Are Now Available for Public Consumption

The newest T17 design follows the current lineup of rival designs provided by producers from the very same nation. Canaan has actually just recently revealed the brand-new Avalon series with the Avalonminer 1041 and the 1041F. The brand-new Canaan designs boast hashrates in between 31-33TH/s however usage 16nm chips. Then there’s the Microbt Whatsminer M20S which declares to command 70 terahashes per 2nd by making use of 12nm TSMC made semiconductors. However, the brand-new Whatsminer is not offered till August and the Avalonminers from Canaan are also “out of stock.” With the most recent Antminer S17s and the freshly released T17, Bitmain is when again leading the pack by being able to provide miners initially. A couple of miners have actually currently reported on getting the most recent S17s from the business on social networks.

“Antminer S17 Pros just arrived — I apologize in advance for the slight bump in the BCH hashrate,” a single person stated jokingly on Reddit.

Bitmain Aims to Leapfrog Competition With Its Next-Gen Bitcoin Miner
The Redditor on r/btc who just recently got his Antminer S17 Pros in the mail on April 25.

At the minute, according to data on, an information site that tapes live earnings estimate of all understood ASIC miners, the Antminer S17 Pro (53TH/s) is the most successful miner in the market. All of the S17 series and the brand-new T17 remain in the top 10 list of the most effective miners in the world.

Bitmain Aims to Leapfrog Competition With Its Next-Gen Bitcoin Miner

The mining rigs are amongst Whatsminer’s M20S which is not offered till the summer season and Innosilicon’s Terminator 3 (T3) which is equivalent to the T17 at 39TH/s. The Innosilicon miner is $1,290 per system for pre-orders however the cost will increase to $1,450 per system when the T3 remains in stock. As it stands, besides older generation makers launched in 2015, the brand-new Antminer items from Bitmain are the only 2019 miners launched this year that are presently offered to the general public.

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