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Today, among the biggest Bitcoin mining rig makers, Bitmain, revealed the launch of the Antminer S21 Pro at the Global Digital Mining Summit (WDMS) 2024, an occasion the business hosts.

The brand-new gadget, an enhancement upon its most effective mining rig, the S21, is significantly more effective—and effective—than the previous model of the gadget.

Irene Gao, VP of Mining at Bitmain, highlighted in her statement how the Antminer S21 Pro has a hash rate of 234 TH/s and an energy effectiveness ratio of 15.0 J/TH. In contrast, the Antminer S21 has a hash rate of 200 TH/s and a power usage effectiveness ratio of 17.5 J/TH.

Gao also highlighted how long lasting the S21 Pro is.

“It has the ability to deal with more challenging environments,” she stated, before sharing that the gadget can stand up to temperature levels of approximately 45 degrees Celsius (113 degrees Fahrenheit).

The after voucher U.S. dollar to terahash rate for the gadget is $18.9/TH and Bitmain will start delivering the gadget in Q3 2024.

This statement comes simply 7 months after Bitmain introduced the S21.

The S21 was rapidly embraced by Bitcoin miners, as it has currently offered out by means of the business’s site.

Bitmain no longer has Antminer S21 mining gadgets in stock.

“We truly believe this new product will be helpful for you to make your long-term plans for your mining expansion, especially before the new cycle,” included Gao.

For more details on the Antminer S21 Pro, watch out for updates on Bitmain’s site.

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