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Regional reports from an exposition in Chengdu suggest Bitmain has actually revealed a new scrypt ASIC rig for dogecoin, litecoin, digibyte, and edge mining. The Chinese press reporter who revealed the details states the new Bitmain model has a hashrate of around 9,500 megahash per 2nd (MH/s) and abroad costs are decreased by 13%.

Bitmain Unveils New Scrypt Miner With 9.5 Gigahash

According to the Chinese reporter Colin ‘Wu’ Blockchain, Bitmain has actually exposed a new scrypt coin mining gadget that loads a lot more hashrate than the business’s previous model. Wu tweeted out the news on Saturday after Bitmain flaunted the specs at an exposition kept in Chengdu.

“On June 19th, Bitmain launched the new Litecoin/Dogecoin mining machine L7,” the China-based press reporter tweeted. “With a hashrate of 9,500 MH/s and 3425W, comparable to 19 sets of L3+, and the cost is $15,000, [the] abroad purchase cost is decreased by 13%. The shipment time is November 2021,” he included.

Moreover, Wu also stated that Bitmain had actually flaunted its “5nm-based Bitcoin water-cooled mining machine and a sneak peek of the Dash mining machine D7.”

Bitmain Reveals New Scrypt Miner — Model Mines DOGE and LTC Four-Times Faster Than Today’s Top Machine
Photo through Colin ‘Wu’ Blockchain from Twitter.

The news from Bitmain follows the business’s unveiling of the Antminer E9 ethereum mining rig at the end of April. The gadget is not for sale yet and E9 costs have actually not been revealed.

“[The] Antminer E9 ethereum miner. Equivalent to 32 – 3080 graphics cards, Equipped with a hashrate of 3 GH/s,” Bitmain discussed at the time. The new scrypt miner from Bitmain follows the October 2017 release, the Antminer L3+ which produces around 600 MH/s.

Presently, the Innosilicon brand name A6+ Ltcmaster is the most successful scrypt miner on the marketplace today with 2,200 MH/s. A single A6+ Ltcmaster will provide an owner $26 each day in earnings utilizing today’s currency exchange rate and $0.12 per kilowatt-hour.

Using the exact same electrical energy rate and today’s crypto costs for the most successful scrypt coins, the Bitmain L3+ can generate around $6.35 each day in earnings.

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If the specs exposed by the Chinese reporter Colin ‘Wu’ Blockchain and the screenshot Wu shared also are right, the new Bitmain scrypt miner will be the most effective on the marketplace once it is launched to the general public.

For some viewpoint, the upcoming Bitmain scrypt ASIC machine would be more than four-times more effective than Innosilicon’s A6+ Ltcmaster. 9,500 megahash per second is comparable to 9.5 gigahash per 2nd (GH/s) and the Innosilicon machine catches 2.2 GH/s.

What do you think of Bitmain revealing the new scrypt miner with 9,500 MH/s specs? Let us understand what you think of this topic in the comments area below.

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