Blockchain Startup Bitfury Files for Electronics Design Patent


Venture- backed blockchain startup Bitfury is looking for a patent associated to electronics design, public files expose.

TheUnited States Patent and Trademark Office released the application for “Layouts of transmission gates and related systems and techniques” on July 27, credited to Bitfury Group Limited, based in Georgetown, Kentucky, with Bitfury CTO Valery Nebesny noted as the sole developer.

Thepatent itself is concentrated on transmission gates, likewise referred to as analog switches, which enable electronic signals to travel through a specific point when triggered. According to the text, the application covers both the layout design along with the approach for producing the design.

Theapplication makes a sole referral to bitcoin mining when explaining possible usages for the patent. Bitfury is among the world’s bitcoin mining chip designers, and inning accordance with offered network information mined approximately 6% of deal obstructs in the past 24 hours


“In some embodiments, the multi-bit transmission gate described herein may be integrated into any suitable device including, without limitation, a microprocessor, liquid-crystal display (LCD) panel, light-emitting diode (LED) display panel, television, mobile electronic device (e.g., laptop computer, tablet computer, smart phone, mobile phone, smart watch, etc.), computer (e.g., server computer, desktop computer, etc.), bitcoin mining device, etc.”

Publicrecords reveal that it’s a follow-up application to a patent awarded to Bitfury inDecember To date, Bitfury has actually been awarded 4 patents.

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