Brazil’s Ministry of Planning Is Testing Blockchain Identity Tech


Workingtogether with international tech giant Microsoft and ethereum-focused start-up ConsenSys, Brazil’s Ministryof Planning, Budget and Management is piloting a blockchain identity application.

Leveraginginnovation supplied by ConsenSys affiliate task uPort–a “self-sovereign”‘ identity system developed on ethereum that enables users gain access to and control over their own information — the company is testing how the innovation might be utilized to confirm the authenticity of individual files.

Indeclarations, Adriane Medeiros Melo, head of infotech at the ministry, framed the trial as one that would assist the company test the capacity of blockchain innovations, in addition to to “establish a new trust model between government and society.”

Formedin 1962, the Ministry of Planning’s objective is to collaborate the management of federal government policies and spending plans. As such, its examination falls in line with the broader examination of blockchain for record-keeping continuous at organizations worldwide.

Incurrent weeks, federal government firms as varied as the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Britain’s Innovate UKhave actually revealed comparable tasks focused on improving regional blockchain advancement.

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