Cryptocurrency Adoption Passes Another Milestone Surpassing 100 Million Users

According to a brand-new research study performed by, the overall variety of worldwide cryptocurrency users has actually exceeded 100 million for the very first time ever. The research study, which determined the cryptocurrency market’s size utilizing onchain metrics, study analysis, and internal information, tape-recorded 106 million cryptocurrency users in January 2021.

January’s Bitcoin Rally Accumulated a 15.7% Jump in Global Users

Compared to December 2020, the 106 million users represent a 15.7% boost in simply one month. What’s sustaining the development of the crypto market? According to’s research study, it boils down to bitcoin adoption momentum.

Eric Anziani, COO had this to state to relating to the research study’s findings:

Our research study surpasses formerly utilized approaches to discover a clear pattern of growing cryptocurrency ownership. As more business and merchants embrace cryptocurrencies as a treasury property and methods of payment, we anticipate 2021 to be a banner year for crypto mass adoption, bringing us ever better to our vision of ‘Cryptocurrency in Every Wallet’.

Bitcoin smashed through its previous all-time high, pressing its market capitalization past $1 trillion. The development reveals no evident indications of decreasing either as belief around cryptocurrency boosts, specifically as JP Morgan and BNY Mellon will begin providing digital payment approaches. Not even 2 complete months into the year yet, financiers are stacking 10-digit figures into bitcoin. Tesla purchased $1.5 billion of bitcoin at the start of February, and financial investment site Motley Fool revealed a $5 million financial investment simply a week later on.

Cryptocurrency Adoption Passes Another Milestone Surpassing 100 Million Users

Bitcoin isn’t the only thing that’s sustaining the need for cryptocurrency. Several other elements are at play too.’s research study associates this quick climb to the development of the decentralized financing (defi) market, the capability to purchase, offer, and hold cryptocurrency through Paypal, and the institutional adoption of cryptocurrency are bring in brand-new crypto users every day.

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Defi Momentum is Growing

The defi market’s momentum is substantial offered the increased need for ethereum and other altcoins like Binance’s BNB. The overall market capitalization of coins secured defi has actually grown from $690 million to over $11.7 billion, a substantial number that’s motivating brand-new financiers to go into the marketplace.

According to’s research study, ETH’s development rate was greater than BTC in November and December 2020; BTC’s distinct users grew by 1.5% in November compared to ETH’s 2.8% development. In December, ETH’s modification was almost double that of BTC’s: 2.8% compared to 1.2%.

How precise are all of these numbers? An overall variety of 24 exchanges were consisted of in the research study, and while has actually upgraded and enhanced its method considering that its last report, it does confess these figures might undergo some little cautions.

How long do you believe it will now require to reach 200 million users? Let us understand in the comments area below.

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