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Cuban President Discusses Adopting Cryptocurrencies for the ‘Convenience’ of the National Economy

Cuba has actually been actively talking about the possibility of adopting cryptocurrencies over the last couple of months throughout high-political tops. This time, the president of the Caribbean island went over crypto properties as soon as again throughout a virtual currencies subject on the top program, discussing the possibility to consider it for future financial strategies.

Discussions Underway Despite Domestic Crypto-Related Scams

According to Periodico Cubano, Miguel Díaz-Canel informed local guvs and political leaders throughout a virtual top about a possible upcoming crypto adoption stage for “the benefit” of the national economy.

He wishes to evaluate the expediency of executing such decentralized innovations and their influence on the nation. Interestingly, Díaz-Canel is an electronic engineer.

Although he decreased to offer more insights on the matter, the Cuban president guaranteed to notify people of the most current advancements about his virtual currencies’ evaluation.

However, throughout the conference, Díaz-Canel even more spoke about a supposed crypto-related Ponzi plan, despite the fact that he decreased to call the dubious business. The president also talked about the risks that digital possession rip-offs give the Cubans:

In current times, there have actually been financial operations carried out by global business that with the usage of cryptocurrencies establish speculative plans and look for to take full advantage of revenues through treatments that might be the cause of scams.

For example, a Trust Investing agent in Cuba, Ruslan Concepción, was apprehended by the Cuban authorities on illegal financial activities charges and stays under custody waiting for a trial, stated EFE through Deutsche Welle. There is no significant info on the origins of the phony business, as the majority of of its operations targeted Cubans.

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Cuban State Political Party and Cryptos

Overall, the state political celebration, the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC), has actually been flirting with the crypto market, however without any close method yet.

As News reported in April 2020, some members of the PCC recommended that the nation ought to make its creation into the virtual currency sphere as “an option to face the existing recession” that the island is living.

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