Database Giant Oracle Wants Better Governance for Blockchains


Multinationalsoftware application service provider Oracleis dealing with a method to present “fair” governance to permissioned blockchains, inning accordance with a freshly released patent application.

TheU.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) released the application for “Accountability and Trust in Distributed Ledger Systems” on August 17, after it was at first sent in late May2016 Specifically, it concentrates on so-called permissioned blockchains — those where individuals are restricted to authorized celebrations.

Forthe basis of the patent, the company draws concern with some techniques to preserving permissioned blockchains, especially when it concerns the topic of policing the activities of nodes.

Asthe application information:

“Even in permissioned ledgers, however, a participating node may violate a fairness policy, for example because it has been hacked, its software is defective, or its operator is dishonest. In principle, permissioned ledgers make it easier to hold nodes accountable for fairness policy violations: once exposed, a violator may lose a deposit, may be expelled from the ledger, or may be sued. In practice, however, reducing the opportunities for internal fairness violations, and detecting them when they occur, is a non-trivial problem.”

Suchbothersome habits likewise consist of deal censorship, along with “dropping or reordering transactions” within nodes. Oracle’s application proposes an approach to fix these issues, making up a system that makes use of a customized variation of the open-source code established by blockchain start-up Tendermint.

“Accountability and Trust”is the 2nd patent application sent by Oracle to this day. Last year, CoinDesk reported that the software application business had filed an application concentrated on using blockchains to validate information in the workflow procedure.

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