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Bitcoin Cash advocates have actually just recently been presented to a brand-new noncustodial payment processor called The platform supplies merchants with a basic method to accept peer-to-peer electronic cash payments and can also produce a brand-new address per billing. A Hosted Noncustodial Payment Processor for Accepting P2P Electronic Cash

A variety of ingenious applications that take advantage of the crypto possession bitcoin cash (BCH) are on the horizon. In current times, BCH fans have actually been presented to a recently produced payment processor called, a platform that enables individuals to accept BCH in a noncustodial style.

The primary designer behind the task is a popular developer who passes the name Ekliptor. The dev has actually 16+ years coding experience and has been dealing with bitcoin cash payment systems for years now. The engineer also established, a WordPress plugin that enables site owners to get immediate suggestions.

Developers Launch the First Hosted Noncustodial Payment Processor for Bitcoin Cash Payments

Speaking with’s newsdesk, Ekliptor informed us why he began dealing with the noncustodial payment processor. “My experience from this has actually been that lots of people in the BCH neighborhood asked for an easier option and one that they can also put onto non-Wordpress sites within a minute by simply copy and pasting,” Ekliptor stated.

“Custodial payment processors (our rivals) resemble a bank,” the designer included. “They own the cash they get and after that later on the merchant can withdraw the cash into his/her own wallet (or not in case of compliance problems or a security breach). Our noncustodial processor works like ‘Software-as-a-Service’ rather of being a bank. This indicates every payment shows up straight in the wallet of the merchant. We can not freeze or hold the merchant’s cash as we are not part of the deal,” he included.

Ekliptor continued:

And all this in an easier and even simpler setup than custodial processors without the typical banking/KYC documentation.

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Digital Entrepreneurs Donate Funds to the Flipstarter

The task also has a Flipstarter fundraising event going on today, as the developers are raising 390 BCH. The Flipstarter description information that the group’s platform is the first hosted noncustodial Software-as-a-Service payment processor.

“[The application] enables combination without administration and allows our merchants to incorporate us within minutes,” the Flipstarter descript describes. “We currently have a working payment processor executed in Go, following finest practices and code requirements.”

Developers Launch the First Hosted Noncustodial Payment Processor for Bitcoin Cash Payments

So far, the task has actually raised 206 BCH or over $100k worth of bitcoin cash.’s creator and angel financier, Roger Ver sent out the task 101.15 BCH. The popular digital business owner Kim Dotcom sent out the task 100.8 BCH. “Exciting times,” the developer of the content money making platform included his remark.

The Flipstarter also keeps in mind that the application has actually been live for about a month up until now and signed 50 merchants to-date.’s readers can read more about the task and the Flipstarter fundraising event here.

What do you think of the noncustodial payment processor task Let us understand what you think of this topic in the comments area below.

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