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How to earn free bitcoin online? It is not really a hard job ,if you use the right and smart tricks. Today we are going to tell you some risk and investment-free tricks, through which you can increase your Bitcoin earnings instantly. There are a lot of ways to earn Bitcoin online, and some of them seem to be very attractive, but you need to be very careful before choosing an option because you are investing your precious time.

Most people think about Bitcoin in terms of a crazy digital currency (a string of zeroes and ones) whose dollar value has been increasing in recent years. So, to earn this digital money, all you need is to just follow our guidelines, and you will be able to earn a handsome amount of bitcoins. Follow the steps mentioned in this post, and we guarantee you can start earning instantly, using our tricks.

Things To Prepare Before You Start:

  • No special skills or experience needed.
  • No bank account required.
  • No need for identification.

Requirements to Earn Free Bitcoin Instantly:


What is Bitcoin Wallet? How to Get Free Wallet:

The first thing you need to know: In order to get free bitcoins, you need a wallet. You have two choices: either

  • Download a Bitcoin wallet: (might take you a while because currently, the download size is too huge!!) OR
  • Subscribe to Free Coinbase eWallet service  SignUp Now  

Once you have a wallet, you also get your Bitcoin address. It’s free, and you can get multiple addresses. Here’s how your address looks like;

1N9R1DuorhwSFybkvJ5Px5Y1LJ4snPUenW(sample only)

This address is your public key. You don’t need to hide it. Once you have a bitcoin address, you are ready to receive your payments.

Here is a list of  amazing ways through which you can get free bitcoin instantly online:

1- Earn Free Bitcoin – Earning Trick using Apps:

Free Bitcoin Earning Tricks

Yes, its true you can earn Bitcoin online using your phone. There are some legit apps through which you can earn Bitcoin. These free apps pay you when you complete small tasks like watching the ads, videos, visiting websites, playing games, completing captchas, surveys, reviewing apps, etc.

Before you install any app make sure that app is legit, and is not a scam. We have another detailed post, which lists most of the popular legit apps, and can help you to earn bitcoin free. These apps are top-rated by thousands of satisfied users.

See the List of Legit Apps for Android Here

Trick to earn most from these apps, is to install all of these apps in the list, and use them regularly. All these apps have a referral program, which means when someone will join under your referral link, your earning will become double. See the <Post Bonus> at the end of the post, to know how to increase your referral 100%, with an easy and effective way.

2- Earn Free Bitcoin – Instant Earning Trick Using Bitcoin Faucets:

Bitcoin faucets are websites, that give you for free, some fractions of Bitcoin, just for visiting them. They make income from ads, and they pay visitors, fractions of this currency called Satoshi. Apparently, it is also the name of the inventor of its algorithm!

These faucet websites will pay you directly to your wallet. You can withdraw at any time, once you have the minimum amount to make a withdrawal. Visit these websites and claim Bitcoins now.

Beware! This faucet concept is well known in the bitcoin world, and they can be implemented by unreliable/shady people too, with webpages having spyware and malware.

After reviewing, trying and testing hundreds of faucets, we were able to find these legit and most reliable faucets.­ This is the list of the best faucets, trusted by thousands of users, and have good feedback since a couple of years.

List of All High Paying Faucet / Bitcoin Generators

Check out a more detailed recent post, that lists the most active free bitcoin earning sites, the cloud way.

You can earn free from these faucets to a decent amount; you can also earn referral earnings as well, which can be a substantial boost in your earnings.

Bitcoin Earning Trick Using Faucets Earning proof

Check out these actual earnings proof, from just one of the Faucets listed above.

See the Post Bonus At the end of the post to know How to increase your referral 100% with an easy and effective way.

3- Get Free Bitcoin Instant – Earning Trick By Promoting Sites:

The second method to earn free bitcoin is by promoting a set of little-known and high paying business sites, that pay referral fees in cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Earning Trick By Promoting Sites Payment proof

Here you can see the earning proof, where only with 48 referrals, this account has earned 0.8026 bitcoin ­ as of mid-December 2016, and that is worth over $771.24 USD. Isnt’t that a quick way to earn free bitcoins?

The example above is of SimpleFX. Another website that allows PTP earnings is Traffic2Bitcoin. You can register at such a site for free, and start promoting them using your referral link. How can this business pay this much? Well, they pay you a %(percentage) of commissions they earn. All you have to do is share your referral link in the appropriate places, to get referrals.

4- Trick To Earn Bitcoin Through Cloud Mining:

Bitcoin Earning Trick Through Cloud Mining services:

You can earn by investing in cloud mining. Technically, this is not a free method, because it involves initial investment.

Bitcoin Mining is the process of creating new bitcoins, by verifying the transactions in the Bitcoin network. Today, this is mostly done using purpose-built Bitcoin mining devices, which are used to solve a mathematical problem called “Hashing”. Miners get rewarded of 25 new Bitcoins when a new block is generated.

However, these devices are very expensive and a nightmare to maintain. That’s where cloud mining comes into the picture. Can a non­-tech person invest in Bitcoin Cloud Mining services and make some money over time?

Yes, you can earn a good return on bitcoin cloud mining ­- it won’t take too long to get a decent ROI.

Different mining services provide various rates of share in cloud mining. So there is a risk, that your cloud mining account has to keep running for long enough time, to break even your investment. Once you pass break ­even, at this point, it is a great passive source of bitcoin income.

Bitcoin Cloud mining is a hungry market, you can also earn free referral payments in bitcoin without investing any money, just for introducing others to learn about how investing in cloud mining works.

Do you wanna get free bitcoin instantly with cloud mining? Signup and get my full guide, check out the sidebar for subscribe form.

5- Trick To Get Free Bitcoin Instantly By Providing loans to investors:

Bitcoin Earning Trick By Providing loans to investors

This is probably one of the safest and passive ways to earn daily interest, by easily providing bitcoin loans to borrowers on trading exchanges like Bitfinex and Poloniex. With bitcoin lending, borrowers pay a fixed daily interest rate, which pays some fantastic returns.

You can earn free bitcoin with better returns through this method, than bitcoin trading method. This method provides safe returns because bitcoin is lent out to borrowers, who put up collateral in order to borrow. And the investor must pay back the loan with interest before they can withdraw their collateral, which makes this process safer and risk-free. This way lenders are assured of earning interest with almost zero-risk defaults on loans.

6- Trick To Get Free Bitcoin Instant by getting Tipped:

If you are running a blog and helping people through your knowledge, you can earn free bitcoins through tips; it is much like accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment, donation or a tip.

To accept the Bitcoin tip, you need a wallet, a QR-code with your Bitcoin address on it and the people who can potentially give you a tip need to be aware of it. There are various places where you can receive Bitcoin tips, like on your YouTube channel, blog, social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

7- Trick to Get Free Bitcoin Instantly through Gambling:

To be honest, gambling is not at all a good option to get free Bitcoin instantly online. But it is one of many options to earn Bitcoins, so to make this list complete we mentioned it here. If you are searching for an easy way to earn Bitcoins online, and it’s legal in your country for someone of your age, you may try bitcoin gambling.

It might seem to you as easy money, but gambling has lots of risks, which need to be taken into account. In a future article, we may outline for you, some websites worth checking out. But for now, please search bitcoin gambling on Google, and you will find many websites.

We strongly recommend you to play only if you have some initial capital to spend because it doesn’t guarantee that you win. On the other hand, who knows, maybe you will get lucky and multiply your Bitcoin.

      ****     Post Bonus     ****     

How to increase your referral earnings

Earning from these methods mentioned above, are far more powerful if you take advantage of earning a referral bonus, by referring others to these sites.

It’s important to avoid being labeled as a spammer while sharing referral links, if you want to have a long-term income source. Bing tagged as a spammer, can be harmful for the reputation of your online profile, for all your future comments. It could get you blocked and banned from those important communities, which could be great sources of referral traffic. If you share your referral links the right way, however then it’s all good. So be patient and tactical!

Tips Not to Get Flagged As A Spammer.

Sharing referral links under YouTube videos, like comments, under social media posts, are quick ways to get your profile marked as a spammer, and that is bad for you. If you are new to sharing referral links, take every precaution that you are not flagged as a spammer.­ Here are a few basic tips that will help you get the same level of success, you see in the examples above.

How to get the referral?

How to get the referral to increase bitcoin earning

We are going to discuss the strategy that has worked so well for us and hopefully will work for you too. These extra steps, save you from being labeled as a spammer, and they create lasting ways for new people to become your referrals.

Blog About It

Create some helping posts and articles on these services, and promote your blog using Facebook, Reddit, and other social media platforms. Embed someone else video, into your blog post, and write a short review or article, that includes the information in the video, then add your affiliate referral link in the text of your blog post.

Now, when you share your blog post into various bitcoin-related communities/forums, it is less likely to be taken as spam affiliate link promotions. That can help you convert better and get free bitcoin instantly, when you mention the promoted links.

Publish videos on YouTube

Publish videos on YouTube, and include your clickable referral link in the description, and get free bitcoin instantly.

Help people in Forums

Help people by replying to comments, and giving useful information which is related to the topic. Add your link to your profile signatures in your favorite forums, provided the forum rules allow it. Reddit is an excellent forum network to promote your referral links, and earn free bitcoin.

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