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NEWS RELEASE. The latest energy token to provide staking to its users/holders is GraphLinq Protocol’s $GLQ. As of this post, $GLQ has 4,500+ holders according to etherscan, omitting GLQ holders on CEX like Kucoin, MXC, Gate. This is a fantastic action for the future of the job as it will even more incentivize more users to hold. Explore more about GraphLinq, its staking system & actions to stake.

What Is GraphLinq?

GraphLinq – The No Code procedure for automating actions on-chain & off-chain, released in simply March 2021, has actually come a long method bringing users in the crypto area a never ever seen design of incorporating blockchain automation on any blockchain-related/non-related job.

The objective of the GraphLinq procedure is to permit users to connect blockchains with any linked system as easily as possible with no anticipation of coding.

GraphLinq community presently includes an engine, an integrated advancement environment (IDE) & an app to offer automated services all while leveraging centralized/decentralized information streams, a number of blockchains, and more. Also, just recently they partnered with Polygon Network (Previously Matic) on several premises. Learn: | Build: | Instant release: | Analytics:

About $GLQ Token

GLQ is the native token for the GraphLinq community developed on top of Ethereum (ERC20). It is utilized to run a chart on the platform’s mainnet to perform various procedures over the blockchain to automate jobs, activating occasions, and a lot more. GLQ will be utilized as the payment approach in GraphLinq Marketplace where design templates will be purchased and offered peer-to-peer. GLQ’s performance & usage cases will continue to diversify as the community grows, as discussed in Graphlinq’s Documentation.

All You Need To Know About $GLQ Staking

GraphLinq has actually lastly revealed the much-awaited GLQ staking launch on the GraphLinq App, incentivizing the holders of GLQ to earn passive benefits. Upon staking, GLQ holders can earn as much as 50% APY in benefits depending on the distinct tier system targeted at incentivizing long-lasting holders.

Initially, tier rankings are allocated in a decentralized nature as following:

-> First 15% stakers of overall stakers will remain in Tier 1 and get 50% APY

-> Next 40% stakers will remain in Tier 2 and get 25% APY

-> The rest stakers will remain in Tier 3 and delight in a 12.5% APY

The present APY is for a restricted duration just and would be upgraded in the future.

When you stake for the very first time, you’ll remain in Tier 3 very first and after that make it onto the greater tiers by holding for longer periods, as the variety of stakers increases you can end up in the very first 15% or next 40% stakers, increasing your tier rank. Also, stakers/holders in the greater tiers might drop to subsequent lower tiers upon withdrawing their staked GLQ, eventually rewarding the long-lasting holders.

To put it merely, the longer you hold, the more your rank is most likely to get to the next tier with greater APY. At each withdrawal you will lose your tier benefits, benefitting the holders one of the most.

The very first withdrawal reduces your APY by half (if you’re not on tier 3), and the second will take you back to the last tier with the least APY. However, declaring yielded GLQ will not impact your tier ranks or benefits.

(You can track & declare your staking benefits on the GraphLinq App’s Staking Page in real-time)

Note: The group has actually discussed that the present APY of the staking benefits is for a restricted time just, and it will be upgraded from time to time in the future.

How Can I Buy & Stake My $GLQ in 3 Easy actions?

An action-by-action guide to putting your $GLQ to work to get upto a tremendous 50% APY!

Step 1

First make certain to have some $GLQ!

If you’re still trying to find a method to get $GLQ, here is how you can protect your bag:

  • Buy $GLQ on utilizing fiat through any of the list below payment techniques: SEPA, UPI, IMPS, Faster Payments Bank Transfer, credit & debit cards. For this approach, you’ll requirement to confirm your KYC and enter your ERC20 wallet address to get GLQ.
  • Swap your ETH/ERC20 for $GLQ on Uniswap, 1inch, Metamask wallet.
  • You can also Buy $GLQ on any of these centralized exchanges (CEXs): Kucoin, MXC,

Video Tutorial on How To Buy GLQ:

Step 2

  • Connect Your ERC20 Wallet like Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, etc. to GraphLinq App by picking your wanted wallet.
  • Approve the connection by clicking on “Sign”

Step 3

  • Go to the Staking Interface by clicking on “Stake your GLQ” on the leading bar or “Staking Interface” on the sidebar.
  • Once you are on the Staking Interface, “Total Staked GLQ”, “My Staked GLQ”, “My Claimable Rewards” and your present Tier Ranking can be seen.
  • Within the staking user interface, you can discover the choice to “Withdraw” your staked GLQ and an alternative to “Claim Rewards.”
  • But initially, you we require to stake some GLQ. To do that, enter your wanted GLQ quantity to stake in the “Stake Your GLQ” field. After getting in the wanted figure, click on “Stake now” and authorize the agreement on your linked wallet. Then after the approval from your wallet, click on “Stake now” once again and validate on your linked wallet in order to total the staking procedure.

Video Tutorial On How To Stake GLQ:

Congratulations, your GLQ has actually been staked effectively.


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