Edward Snowden: Zcash Is ‘Most Interesting Bitcoin Alternative’


Notedwhistleblower Edward Snowden has actually stated that the personal privacy oriented cryptocurrency zcash is the “most interesting alternative” to bitcoin.

Postedin reaction to a tweet from technologist Mason Borda mentioning: “Zcash is the only altcoin (that i know of) designed and built by professional and academic cryptographers. Hard to ignore,” Snowden responded, “Agree.”


“Zcash’s privacy tech makes it the most interesting Bitcoin alternative. Bitcoin is great, but “if it’s not personal, it’s not safe.'”

Snowden is a prominent privacy advocate, and is most well known for his massive leak of classified NSA documents in 2013.

Asked for his thoughts on monero, a competing private currency, Snowden said it was “amateur crypto” and indicated traceability issues within the tech.

Snowdenstated that such style mistakes might put fellow whistleblowers at threat, mentioning: “Mistakestake place and have substantial repercussions for individuals like me.”

Thedeclarations fed into the existing competition in between the completing currencies. In the resulting flood of Twitter reactions, Monero designer Richard Spagni highly protected his task’s innovation, while the developer of litecoin, Charlie Lee, mentioned: “I own Monero but not Zcash”.

Zcashand monero are both tailored to offering personal privacy for their users, however utilize various tools to– perhaps it appears– attain the exact same outcome. While zcash is based upon a cryptographic operation called zk-snarks, monero works by obfuscating details with ring signatures and stealth addresses.

Disclosure: CoinDesk is a subsidiary of Digital Currency Group, which has an ownership stake in Zcash Company, the for-profit entity supporting zcash’s advancement.

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