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In a relocate to catalyze the development within the Bitcoin ecosystem, Ego Death Capital reveals the launch of a brand-new financing round, Fund II, intending to raise $100 million. Founded in 2021, the equity capital company, led by Jeff Booth, Andi Pitt, Nico Lechuga, with advisory assistance from Preston Pysh, Lyn Alden, and Pablo Fernandez, has actually effectively started Fund II with a concentrate on buying business driving Bitcoin’s velocity.

“A parallel system bringing truth, hope, and abundance to our world is growing much faster than people realize and we feel super fortunate to be a part of it,” stated founding partner Jeff Booth.

Fund I, which raised $25.2 million, showed the insight of ego death capital in acknowledging Bitcoin’s introduction not simply as a shop of worth however as a fundamental layer for a brand-new peer-to-peer decentralized web connected to energy. The success of their preliminary fund was marked by tactical financial investments in business like Fedi, Breez, Synota, Relai, and Wolf.

The landscape in 2024 still exposes a space in Series A financing for Bitcoin-only business, with equity capital yet to completely comprehend the transformative nature of the Bitcoin procedure and its layered advancement. Fund II looks for to bridge this space, supplying important assistance to Bitcoin-focused business owners who deal with the obstacle of not just pitching their organization metrics however also informing financiers about the extensive shifts in the Bitcoin area.

“I’m super honored to join ego death capital as a GP. Our core thesis is that Bitcoin is different than everything else,” stated Preston Pysh. “It’s different because at the base, bedrock layer, Bitcoin is optimized for security and decentralization. In order to do that, scalability must be maximized on the 2nd and 3rd layers, etc. IMHO, anyone building on a different protocol at the base layer is building on top of sand. As we look at the companies building the future of finance, we are hyper-focused, on humble, thoughtful, & constructive leaders that bring unlocked efficiencies and value to their customers and constituents.”

As the world goes through a shift from running on a “dishonest ledger,” per journalism release, to one developed on sincerity with Bitcoin, Ego Death Capital’s Fund II goals to play a critical function in recognizing and supporting long-lasting organizations that add to this transformative shift. The $100 million fund wants to represents a considerable action towards in cultivating development and worth production within the growing Bitcoin ecosystem.

Those thinking about taking part in the financing can connect here.

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