Floyd Mayweather Stumps for Crypto Credit Card in Latest ICO Promotion


Amidstthe present crackdown on preliminary coin offerings (ICOs) in China and around the world, some cryptocurrency fans are holding strong.

Internationalboxing star Floyd Mayweather, for one, published yet another image on social networks mentioning his obligation to an ICO the other day.

No market amateur, this is the 3rd social networks postMayweatherhas actually made promoting anICOover the last month.TheICOinconcern this time is calledCentra, a crypto charge card start-up which is holding a coin offering later on this month.

Anearlier tweet recommends he is dealing with a digital marketing business called the Crypto Media Group, which as reported by Vice, is looking for to court celeb recommendations for cryptocurrencies.

Spurredby comparable interest in the market, Paris Hilton likewise promoted an ICO on Twitter previously this month, nevertheless the celeb heiress bewared to highlight that it was “#NotAnAd,” in referral to her expected market know-how.

Floyd Mayweatherby means of Flickr

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