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A court of appeals in France has actually maintained the decision in the event versus BTC-e operator Alexander Vinnik. His attorneys swore to continue the legal resist Vinnik’s go back to Greece in order to prevent a most likely extradition to the U.S.

Court Confirms Vinnik’s 5-year Sentence for Money Laundering

The Court of Appeals of Paris has actually verified the very first circumstances choice in Alexander Vinnik’s trial, Russian media reported. In late 2020, the IT expert, and declared cybercriminal, was sentenced to 5 years in jail for cash laundering.

Vinnik’s defense group now prepares to submit a cassation appeal within 5 days as needed by French law, the leading Russian service day-to-day Kommersant composed, estimating Vinnik’s attorney, Frédéric Bélot, who also commented:

If we summarize what took place, we need to unfortunately confess that the court made a “lazy choice.” The judge did not wish to examine the cash laundering charges, in spite of that the prosecution’s proof is far from particular.

Bélot is persuaded district attorneys are not in the position to argue that Alexander got reimbursement for suspicious deals. “This is not the case,” he firmly insisted. The attorney revealed his complete satisfaction with the dropping of most other charges from the decision, and in specific, the one for extortion of cash through malware.

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Alexander Vinnik’s Lawyers to Fight Extradition to the United States

Vinnik’s defense will now focus its efforts to guarantee that he will not be moved back to Greece after serving his French term. His attorneys fear that Greek authorities might extradite him to the United States where he is also implicated of cash laundering.

In July 2017, the Russian nationwide was apprehended in Thessaloniki where he showed up on a trip with his household. Vinnik was apprehended on a U.S. warrant. American district attorneys declare he washed approximately $9 billion through the notorious crypto exchange BTC-e.

French Court of Appeals Upholds Alexander Vinnik’s Sentence

Frédéric Bélot stated the French judge argued that Vinnik’s rights would not be broken in Greece, an EU member state, not acknowledging that the Russian deals with possible extradition to the U.S. and a brand-new trial “in severe, not European conditions.” Bélot considers this to be a severe hazard to the “currently shaken physical and psychological health” of his customer and is preparing to send a brand-new appeal in the future.

Russia, where Vinnik deals with charges of “scams in the field of computer system details,” is also seeking his extradition however the French judiciary declined Moscow’s demand. During his detention in Greece, where he went on a long appetite strike, Vinnik mentioned he was prepared to return and appear in court in his house nation. At the current hearing in Pairs, attorneys were signed up with by Vinnik’s mom who showed up in May to support her child.

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