How to Create Non-Fungible Assets and Collectible Tokens With Bitcoin Cash

On August 21, James Cramer, the designer behind the Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP), revealed the launch of the Electron Cash SLP variation 3.5. The newest release permits individuals to create a brand-new kind of SLP token called NFT1, a non-fungible token that can be organized together by a single ID. The innovative kind of SLP token development permits individuals to utilize the system to create special assets like video gaming products, antiques, and digital media rights.

How to Create an NFT1 Type SLP Token Using the Electron Cash Wallet

The Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) is commemorating its very first anniversary. Since then there’s been a token surge as countless special coins have actually been developed utilizing the SLP system. The bulk of SLP tokens have actually been a ‘type1’ token which specifies a typical list of guidelines for SLP-based tokens to follow within the bigger Bitcoin Cash environment. At completion of June, SLP engineers James Cramer and Jonald Fyookball released a brand-new spec by extending the SLP token type 1 requirement. The brand-new kind of token is called NFT1 which permits individuals to create non-fungible tokens that are organized together by a single ID. The paperwork on Github describes that having the capability to group non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in a provable way opens numerous doors. Similarly to the ERC721 procedure, NFT1s can extend token development to things like unusual antiques, digital media rights, raffles, tickets, and blockchain extensible video games.

How to Create Non-Fungible Assets and Collectible Tokens With Bitcoin Cash
Download the Electron Cash SLP variation 3.5 for NFT1 performance.

Just like our previous SLP evaluations in the past, news.Bitscoins.web has actually checked the brand-new NFT1 requirement utilizing the Electron Cash SLP wallet. The following walkthrough was composed to supply an insight into the essentials of NFT1 development. The very first thing you require to do is download the most recent SLP Electron Cash wallet variation 3.5, as any wallet below this release will not mint NFT1s. The download takes less than a minute, depending upon web speeds, as the program takes about 30MB of area. The Electron Cash SLP 3.5 release is offered for Linux, MacOS, and Windows. Electron Cash (EC) clients will observe the freshly launched SLP variation has the very same logo design as the EC wallet with Cashshuffle, other than it’s green instead of blue.

How to Create Non-Fungible Assets and Collectible Tokens With Bitcoin Cash

After the download is total, you require to open the program and create a brand-new wallet or import existing funds into the wallet if it’s your very first time utilizing the EC program. If you were currently utilizing an older variation of EC then your existing wallet’s history will be offered in the brand-new variation after the upgrade finishes. If it’s the very first time you are producing an SLP token, you require to understand that a little portion of BCH is required to serve as ‘gas’ for the brand-new token’s genesis deal and additional sending out.

The Parent Toilet Paper Token and Subsequent Children 2PLY and 1PLY

Once there’s a little portion of BCH in the wallet, you can then continue to tailor a brand-new SLP NFT1 type token. After the wallet is open, just push the “SLP tokens” tab and at the bottom of the window you will see another tab that states “Create brand-new token.” Pressing this will open a brand-new window, which permits you to create your very first customized NFT1 type token. The very first thing I did was create a token with an NFT1 moms and dad called “Toilet Paper Token – Ultra Soft” with a ticker called TPT.

How to Create Non-Fungible Assets and Collectible Tokens With Bitcoin Cash
An NFT1 moms and dad need to be developed initially and in order to create an NFT1 kid you require to invest an amount higher than 0 moms and dad NFT1 in a brand-new genesis deal.

A moms and dad token enables the development of non-fungible tokens called kids, which basically suggests the moms and dad’s token ID keeps them completely as a household. My Toilet Paper Token – Ultra Soft is the token moms and dad and I developed 2,000 of them connected to a URL called After the moms and dad is developed in order to create an NFT1 kid, you require to invest an amount higher than 0 moms and dad NFT1 in a brand-new genesis deal. From here, just right-click the moms and dad token and choose “Create brand-new NFT.”

How to Create Non-Fungible Assets and Collectible Tokens With Bitcoin Cash
Right-click the token moms and dad and choose “Create brand-new NFT” to create subsequent kids.

Doing this will create subsequent kids NFTs that will be connected to the very same group ID as the moms and dad token. So with my 2,000 TPT example (2,000 is the variety of sheets in many ultra-soft rolls), I developed 2 kids called 2PLY and 1PLY. The EC wallet will need you to invest a portion higher than 0 moms and dad NFT1 by producing a genesis deal for you and after that finishes you can continue to create subsequent kids. Children put on’t have to have the very same name or very same ticker, and can have a various file or URL upload connected to them too.

How to Create Non-Fungible Assets and Collectible Tokens With Bitcoin Cash
The wallet will immediately tether kid tokens to the very same group ID number as the moms and dad.

As long as the group ID is the very same for kid tokens as they are for the moms and dads, you or anybody with a block explorer can inform they are related by the group ID. Of course, the development of the 2,000 TPT, 2PLY, and 1PLY reveals the extremely essentials of how to deal with the brand-new SLP token requirement. Blockchain explorers like’s BCH Block Explorer and the deal explorer Simpleledger.information can validate whether the token is a type 1 SLP token or an NFT1 moms and dad or kid.

How to Create Non-Fungible Assets and Collectible Tokens With Bitcoin Cash
The 2PLY kid NFT1 token according to’s Block Explorer.

Nonfungible Sets of Grouped Tokens Open the Doors to a Whole New Environment

Anyone can take the NFT1 SLP token principles even more by connecting digitized assets like images or video game products to these special kinds of nonfungible tokens. Similarly to the Rare Pepe card video game developed by Counterparty or the Crypto Kitties job on Ethereum, individuals can utilize the brand-new NFT1 requirement for a multitude of enjoyable and unusual antiques. Currently, due to the nascent phases of NFT1s developed in this way, developers will require to understand wallets that just have the SLP send out function. If a wallet doesn’t guarantee that the tokens invested are utilizing the very same token type field, then investing a kid with a customer like this might lead to burning non-fungible tokens inadvertently. This suggests 3rd party wallets will have to fulfill these requirements in order to work with NFT1 type tokens. It might not be a concern for a video game like an environment where the tokens are indicated to remain within the platform, however the NFT1 environment can be much more robust with wallets that support NFT1s.

How to Create Non-Fungible Assets and Collectible Tokens With Bitcoin Cash
The brand-new Simple Ledger Protocol NFT1 requirement enables the development of antiques like Rare Pepe cards.

Creating an NFT1 SLP token actually doesn’t take much time at all and is simply as fast as producing basic type 1 SLP coins. Developers will have to find out methods to tie metadata (SVG images, GIFs, extensible video game code) in order to construct really special things with these tokens. SLP designers are currently in the middle of talking about the very best method to tether images to tokens. However, the NFT1 tokens put on’t even require to be aesthetically visual, as NFT1s can also represent numbered information like raffles, lottery games, digital rights, and occasion tickets too.

How to Create Non-Fungible Assets and Collectible Tokens With Bitcoin Cash
NFT1s can also power raffle tickets, lottery games, occasion tickets, and media rights.

Moreover, the brand-new EC SLP variation 3.5 has faster token recognition with an SLP chart search. “Graph Search can be allowed through a brand-new Tokens tab in the network dialog,” SLP engineer James Cramer discussed throughout the brand-new wallet launch. “This brand-new module downloads recognition embeds in big batches from SLPDB, rather of crawling back towards Genesis blindly making numerous network demands.” Additionally, thanks to EC designer Calin Culianu, there’s a brand-new parallelized SLP validator that runs a brand-new thread for each token ID. “Both speed and stability of token recognition were enhanced thanks to Calin,” Cramer concluded.

The BCH neighborhood was pleased with the brand-new release and the sky’s the limitation for concepts that can originate from these kinds of non-fungible, organized tokens. The job’s statement was invited on Twitter and Reddit and the token explorer Simpleledger.information reveals that BCH individuals are currently producing special NFT1s on the chain. It will be fascinating to see what takes place from this brand-new token requirement in time.

What do you consider the freshly launched Electron Cash SLP 3.5 variation and the capability to create NFT1s with ease? Let us understand what you consider this topic in the comments area below.

Image credits: Shutterstock, Simple Ledger Protocol,’s Blockchain Explorer,, and the Electron Cash Wallet.

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