“I Designed Bitcoi… Gold” – The Many Facts Pointing to Nick Being Satoshi

Nick Szabo is something of a legend in the crypto area, and for a great many factors. Not least of which are his contributions to the advancement of Bitcoin, his early interactions as a cypherpunk, and his ongoing prominent input in financial, philosophical, political and crypto circles considering that. Perhaps most interesting, nevertheless, are engaging facts surrounding his past and present which may be interpreted to present him as the developer of Bitcoin himself, Satoshi Nakamoto.

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A Cryptic Background

Nice Szabo, self-described “Blockchain, cryptocurrency, and clever agreements leader,” was dealing with a cryptocurrency called bit gold prior to Bitcoin as we understand it originated. The legal scholar and computer system researcher coming from America’s West Coast interacted routinely with early leaders of modern-day cryptography and cypherpunks like Hal Finney and Wei Dai. Dai, also a University of Washington graduate in computer technology from around the very same time as Szabo, is likewise understood for trying to construct his own digital currency prior to bitcoin, called “b-money.”

Compared to a few of the other figures main to Bitcoin’s beginning, in some senses Szabo’s story is not too recorded. Some of these historic and informative spaces, seen in combination with other extremely engaging facts, have actually played their part in financing to the theory that Szabo might certainly be Satoshi.

Interesting Szabo Stories

“I Designed Bitcoi... Gold” – The Many Facts Pointing to Nick Being Satoshi

Bit Gold

Back in December 2005, Szabo released a post to his individual blog site, Unenumerated, explaining his concept for a digital currency untouched by 3rd parties, specifying: “The issue, in a nutshell, is that our cash presently depends upon rely on a 3rd party for its worth. As many inflationary and hyperinflationary episodes throughout the 20th century showed, this is not a perfect state of affairs.” Right away we see Szabo is interested in weak points fundamental to centralized financial systems. He goes on to explain the proposed procedure in information:

My proposition for bit gold is based upon calculating a string of bits from a string of obstacle bits, utilizing functions called otherwise ‘customer puzzle function,’ ‘evidence of work function,’ or ‘protected benchmark function.’

After explaining how bit gold would use an “unforgeable chain,” Szabo points out Finney’s Reusable Proofs of Work (RPOW) system and concludes by restating the requirement for cash not impacted by inflation. Similarities to the principles specified in the Bitcoin whitepaper are difficult to miss out on. Not to point out the possible anti-central banking message hashed into the genesis block, and its prescient echoes discovered in Szabo’s issues about inflation and relied on 3rd parties. Szabo understands of the threats of federal government extremely well, by means of his dad who experienced the scaries of war and violent communist program in the 1950’s.

“I Designed Bitcoi... Gold” – The Many Facts Pointing to Nick Being Satoshi

Altered Dates and No Satoshi Emails

While the abovementioned bit gold blog site post has actually a released date of Dec. 27, 2008, the post was really released in 2005. Why Nick modified the date gives confusion and speculation for many. Further, the remark timestamps appear to have actually been upgraded to just reveal times, not dates.

A permalink to the post validating the date as 2005, and other information present extremely engaging proof, however no responses as to why Szabo may have done this. Many hypothesize he didn’t desire his bit gold post to precede the Bitcoin whitepaper, in a quote to hide his identity. Further, while there is a reference of Wei Dai’s b-money in the white paper, there is no reference of bit gold, though apparently Dai informed Satoshi about it in an e-mail exchange. Some critics of this theory argue that Szabo and Satoshi were merely uninformed of one another and/or their particular tasks.

“I Designed Bitcoi... Gold” – The Many Facts Pointing to Nick Being Satoshi
Evidence of Szabo’s declared modifying of date formats in the remark area of his blog site post on bit gold.

Also fascinating to note is that while Hal Finney, Wei Dai, and others have actually made their correspondence with Satoshi public, there are no recognized e-mails in between Szabo and Satoshi, regardless of Nakamoto’s expected awareness of bit gold.

Relative Silence After Bitcoin’s Release, and a Strange Video

Immediately after the Jan. 3, 2009 mining of Bitcoin’s genesis block one may have anticipated Szabo to take to his typically busy blogging activity to speak about the job. Interestingly, Bitcoin is not pointed out up until a May 7 post entitled “Liar-resistant federal government” that year. After 2009, Szabo’s blogging activity takes a substantial dip, going from 25+ posts a year, to simply a couple of sporadic updates yearly.

“I Designed Bitcoi… Gold” – The Many Facts Pointing to Nick Being Satoshi

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