Investor Doug Casey: Bitcoin May Be Money, But It Still Might Fail


Investorand anarcho-capitalist Doug Casey just recently argued that bitcoin certifies as money– even if he’s not exactly sure it’ll last in the long term.

Inan interview published yesterday, the Casey Research creator discussed his perspectives behindbitcoin During the chat, he kept in mind that he initially entered into bitcoin back when it was valued at around $13, thanks to a present of a physical bitcoin he got.

Caseyespecially argued that bitcoin satisfies the attributes specified by the Greek thinkerAristotle Namely, that it is divisible, long lasting, hassle-free to utilize (in some situations) and constant, inning accordance withCasey At the very same time, Casey went back to a belief that he formerly held now argues is incorrect: that bitcoin has no “use value.”

Hediscussed in the interview.

“If you have a million US dollars and nobody accepts them, they have no use in and of themselves. They’re just unsecured liabilities of a bankrupt government. Like a million Zimbabwe dollars. And a fiat currency is easily destroyed by its issuer. The things are burning matches. They have half-lives, like radioactive elements. And I said that was the problem with bitcoin. But I was wrong about that.”

Goingon to call bitcoin “an excellent transfer device” that sits beyond the standard banking system, Casey stated that his initial argument versus bitcoin’s usage worth was void.

“So, this is the use value of bitcoin. It allows you to transfer something that is accepted as money outside of the banking system, and outside of fiat money currencies,”he stated.

However, Casey was less bullish on the long-lasting potential customers of thecryptocurrency He argued that while he thinks that bitcoin satisfies the conditions to act as a kind of money, this state of affairs will not last permanently.

“The bottom line, bitcoin passes the medium of exchange test for the moment and store of value test for the moment. So you can definitely say it’s money – for the moment,”he stated, including:

“But so’s the Argentine peso. I have little confidence bitcoin will be here say five years from now.”

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