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New, extraordinary economic sanctions have actually been troubled Iran’s reserve bank after blame for a September 14 oil field attack was pinned on the country by U.S. leaders. The sanctions blacklist the Iranian reserve bank and sovereign wealth fund, additional severing the nation’s currently rare ties to the international market. With soldiers and weapons “of protective nature” to be delivered to the Middle East in the wake of the attacks, some are questioning the real intentions of U.S. foreign policymakers. Iran is not the very first country honestly vital of the U.S. petrodollar to deal with such severe sanctions, and risks of military intrusion.

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Past Attempts to Leave the Dollar

Like Iran, a country whose leaders are undaunted about moving far from USD hegemony through cryptocurrencies, non-USD reporting policies, and gold, Iraq was also a thorn in the side of petrodollar supremacy at one time. That is, prior to it was attacked by U.S. forces in 2003. Iraq had actually started trading oil for euros in 2000 as a way of going beyond debilitating U.S. sanctions starving the nation. This policy ended suddenly when America gone into under the auspices of battling 9/11-associated terrorism, although there was no considerable connection. Nevertheless, Iraq now trades its oil for dollars, when again.

Both Iran and Iraq are abundant in the natural deposit, have actually declined to fall in line with western political supremacy, looking for strategies to develop noise, independent currencies backed by gold. Libya is yet another example. When Muammar Gaddafi looked for to cause his gold-backed dinar and desert the world reserve USD, NATO forces discovered their method to him quickly and, in the babbling words of then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, “We came, we saw, he passed away.”

Iran Is Being Targeted for Economic Independence, Not Terrorism

The fundamental breakdown is as follows:

1971 – U.S. deserts the gold requirement.

Mid 1970’s – Agreement in between U.S. and Saudi Arabia strengthens OPEC countries’ policy of prices oil in dollars, efficiently developing the petrodollar and additional entrenching the USD as world reserve currency.

1970’s to provide – Perpetual sanctions and warfare for any nation looking for to desert the USD and go back to gold or alternate currencies for prices oil.

As the gold requirement was deserted, and the petrodollar set up to ensure U.S. financial obligation securities in the wake of huge deficits from the Vietnam war, the smoke cleared; the dollar was no longer backed by gold, however by oil, and the supremacy of oil, by blood. Trump mentioned Monday, September 16, from the Oval Office:

In a couple of minutes I’ll be signing an executive order enforcing compelling sanctions on the supreme leader of Iran … Today’s action follows a series of aggressive habits by the Iranian program in current weeks consisting of shooting down of U.S. drones.

Trump also pointed out Iran’s nuclear program consistently (now item of an offer his own administration broke and revoked) and current, doubtful disputes including oil tankers in the area, along with “other things that were done also which were bad.”

Of course, the attacks on Saudi oil centers were the expected straw that broke old Uncle Sam’s currently hurting back. For the leader of the only country to ever utilize a nuclear weapon in war, two times, and which has actually consistently taken part in deceptive, synthetic justifications of dispute such as the Gulf of Tonkin event, the president’s words struck lots of as darkly paradoxical. This not to point out the significantly extreme battery of sanctions on Iranian oil exports which have actually been intensifying for years now under the existing administration.

Iran Is Being Targeted for Economic Independence, Not Terrorism

There Are No Angels in Geopolitics, Thus the Need for Sound Money

Iraq, Iran, Venezuela and Libya have actually naturally been traditionally violent to those living within their boundaries. Saddam Hussein was notorious for toxin gas attacks eliminating countless innocent Kurdish villagers in Halabja. Iran’s iron-fisted program has actually flogged individuals for drinking alcohol, suffocates liberty of expression in harsh style, and targets females, minority groups and kids, rejecting them fundamental human rights. Venezuela’s sociopathic management is, basically, no various. Opposition to the state in Gaddafi’s Libya led to dreadful effects too, with the leader himself when stating: “I might anytime send them to the People’s Court … and the People’s Court will release a sentence of death based upon this law, since execution is the fate of anybody who forms a political celebration.”

Though the U.S. federal government has itself ruined the lives of numerous millions, taking numerous thousands in one fell swoop with a-bombs, consistently sending to prison the non-violent for any variety of approximate, dictatorial orders, for some factor the “us vs. them” mass media story stays. The truth is, nevertheless, that there are no excellent federal governments. Combined with an unsound financial system, this issue is worsened to a location of sheer and unimaginably terrible percentages.

The last century’s continuous bloodbath has actually accompanied a traditionally extraordinary desertion of sound loan in favor of inflationary and debt-based designs. This is no plain coincidence. After all, if it is now war — and not gold — that backs the international financial system, how else can value be protected save through killing? Money like gold and bitcoin, with a set-in-stone supply limitation, cannot merely be “printed” to fund these terroristic programs.

Iran Is Being Targeted for Economic Independence, Not Terrorism

Economics – The Final World War

Iran has actually rejected obligation for the September 14 oil center attacks. Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen have actually honestly declared obligation for the act. Still, U.S. policy makers have fingers pointed at Iran. Javad Zarif, foreign minister of Iran, mentioned in a current interview with CNN:

It wasn’t an act of war versus the United States and it was, as I stated, an agitation of war since it’s based upon a lie…If they raise the sanctions that they reimposed unlawfully…then we would consider it [talks].

Zarif went on to highlight, when triggered about Iran’s residents suffering under U.S. sanctions:

They’re lying if they inform you that food and medication is not limited.

Humanitarian crises, such as the hunger taking place in Iran, Venezuela and in other places, cannot be warded off with standard currencies, which eventually trace back to U.S. dollar hegemony, and are hindered by state-compliant banking organizations. Cryptocurrencies nevertheless, can and do bridge this space. Though conversion to regional currencies and merchant approval provides substantial logistical obstacles, the innovation permits for something that no federal government blood loan can: a limited-supply, permissionless money valued willingly by a market of independent stars, regardless of what violent state requireds or unsound economic policies might remain in location. When sanctions inform the impoverished Middle Eastern household they can’t consume, crypto and free enterprises state that they can certainly trade, politics be damned.

When legislators in Washington D.C. need Americans fund things like the massacre of pine nut farmers in Afghanistan — 30 were eliminated today in a single strike — or the jail time of innocent individuals for the so-called war on drugs, Bitcoin has no such sociopathic required. The next world war will be a distinctly economic one, where those avoiding human self-respect and tranquil options will be required to deal with an ever-growing faction of people for tranquil, non-violent trade and voluntary market interaction, enabled by disruptive innovations like Bitcoin.

What are your ideas on the economic scenario with Iran? Let us understand in the comments area below.

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