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The Ivorian payments monetary innovation (fintech) start-up, Julaya, just recently concluded its pre-Series A round with an extra $5 million capital raise. This gives $7 million the overall capital that the fintech start-up, which focuses on business-to-business payments, has actually raised in this series.

Senegalese Footballer Édouard Mendy Participates in the Series

An Ivory Coast-based payments fintech start-up, Julaya, just recently concluded its pre-Series A funding round with an extra $5 million, a report has actually stated. With this newest capital raise, Julaya has actually now raised an overall of $7 million in this funding round.

The funding round was led by a European equity capital fund Speedinvest with the involvement of EQ2 Ventures, Kibo Ventures plus the angel distributes Unpopular Ventures and Jedar Capital. Existing Julaya financiers that also took part in this round consist of Orange Ventures, Saviu, and 50 Partners. Senegal and English football club Chelsea’s goalkeeper, Édouard Mendy also took part in the round.

Going Beyond Regular Cards Services

According to his comments released by Techcrunch, Julaya co-founder and president (CEO), stated the fintech start-up’s get basic card services to mobile cash users in West Africa has actually made a distinction. Léopoldie, nevertheless, shared his ideas on why it was essential for Julaya to use services beyond routine card services.

“Our sense or technique with the cards is to offer a complete series of service. Because if you have simply cards, I wear’t believe you might construct an excellent start-up with a lot [of] traction as you would like, for instance, in the U.S. The card payment market, other than for South Africa, perhaps Nigeria and a little bit in Egypt, is an establishing one and while you may be able to grow a service on that, it’s practically difficult in our area [Francophone Africa],” Léopoldie supposedly stated throughout an interview with Techcrunch.

Concerning Mendy’s involvement in Julaya’s pre-Series A round, Léopoldie stated he believed this demonstrated how simply far “ahead of the curve” this goalkeeper is. According to the CEO, Mendy’s being a Senegalese also assists due to the fact that it influences other Africans to follow in his steps and end up being financiers.

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