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NEWS RELEASE. BOSO TOKYO reveal the launch of NFT task “BOSO TOKYO” , an identity defining brand in the Metaverse

To honor its launch, BOSO TOKYO has actually released a free gift project for their NFT. Check out the information here for a possibility to win a BOSO TOKYO NFT by finishing a couple of easy jobs.


BOSO TOKYO is an NFT brand that intends to develop avatars that can be utilized as a typical identity in several metaverses. As a generative NFT, BOSO TOKYO utilizes algorithms to develop random mixes for each avatar’s body, face, clothes, devices, and other parts.

BOSO TOKYO is an initial brand of avatars from Tokyo. Unlike the numerous Japan motivated anime and computer game motivated NFTs on OpenSea, BOSO is striving to come up with an entirely initial collection.

Hidetaka Tenjin, the illustrator of Gundam, Star Wars mecha illustrations,has actually signed up with BOSO TOKYO as the primary designer and is dealing with developing the avatars.

Afromance, Co-Founder of Burning Japan and foam Party is functioning as innovative director.

On top of that, a dream team of crypto and NFT professionals in addition to leading Japanese leading developers have actually congregated to provide a real and genuine NFT collection from the heart of Tokyo.

The word “BOSO” comes from “Bosozoku”, Japanese motorcycle gangs. These gangs would travel together in the hundreds, riding tailored motorcycles created to make loud sounds. In Japanese, “BOSO” indicates to “not give a damn” which was their slogan while riding their bikes. Bosozoku remained in a method a “sign of flexibility”.

Project Vision

The word “Metaverse” is stated to be a term initially utilized in the 1982 sci-fi book Snow Crash, and has actually existed long prior to the birth of Bitcoin.

However, without blockchain innovation, “unique identities” in the digital world would not have actually worked. People might just merely copy-and-paste. . NFTs and blockchain innovation resolves this issue. In a digital world, or metaverse, the facility of the self is enabled just with NFTs.

BOSO thinks that when the period of parallel metaverses end up being the standard, it will be necessary for people to be able to develop identities or avatars that can be acknowledged throughout all digital worlds.


Currently, these upcoming points are the primary focus for BOSO TOKYO

  1. Staking= “REVVING”

Rev your engine, Rev Your BŌSŌ NFTs. Staking your BŌSŌ NFTs will passively make you benefits.

2. Limitless industrial usage rights to our IPs

You own the NFT, you own the IP rights. Simple as that.

3. Exclusive Community Access

Holding an NFT grants the holder unique gain access to to the neighborhood and occasions. NFT holders will also be able to vote in BOSO TOKYO DAO and get a range of other advantages.

4. Metaverse Avatar

BOSO will disperse 3D avatars of their NFTs. Are you Metaverse all set?

5. Events

BOSO will hold massive occasions to promote the BOSO culture to the world.


Some of the Key figures in the Web3 and Crypto market have actually currently had compassion with the BOSO TOKYO idea and signed up with as partners in this task.

BOSO TOKYO is motivated by the Japanese bicycle rider gangs’ yearning for flexibility. The motto “DENJO-DENGE-YUIGA-DOKUSON”, indicates that all people distinct in the metaverse

BOSO TOKYO is a brand for those who think in the possibilities of the Metaverse and look for a lot more flexibility. We desire to share Japanese developers and culture with individuals from all over the world. With our unique group, we will develop a brand, a neighborhood, a chance, and a future that has yet to be seen.

BOSO TOKYO Official Web website:






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