Massive Growth by P2P Exchange and AT&T Accepting BCH in the Weekly Update From

An upcoming peer-to-peer (P2P) exchange sees massive growth and U.S. telecom giant AT&T now accepts BCH payments. Watch these and other advancements gone over in today’s video update on’s Youtube channel.

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Massive Growth by P2P Exchange in’s Weekly Update

This week’s edition provides the excellent growth experienced by the upcoming privacy-focused P2P bitcoin money trading service Local.Bitscoins.web. More than 1,896 accounts and 790 orders were developed within the very first week of registration for the platform with the main launch turning up in less than 10 days. You can still register now for an account and make 20% on all deals finished by those who registered with your recommendation link.

The weekly update also covers the current news that American telecom giant AT&T now enables its customers to pay their costs with BCH. Customers who want to utilize cryptocurrency for their online payments to the business can do so by picking Bitpay as a payment choice when they go to to their online accounts or utilizing AT&T’s app.

Other subjects pointed out in the episode consist of the Elipay payment processing system allowing payments in BCH at over 300 sellers throughout Slovenia, a freshly established plugin that will even more reinforce bitcoin money personal privacy and Cryptospace partnering with to grow adoption in the American market. Cryptospace just recently presented Bitcoin Cash ATMs to Simon Malls throughout the United States, where users can now purchase present cards, send out global loan remittances, pay costs and complement cellular phone minutes.

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