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MetaGods, The 8-Bit Action Role-Playing Blockchain Game

NEWS RELEASE. The video gaming company is going through a transformation thanks to the development of blockchain innovation. Because of this, it’s providing designers a brand-new method to engage the audience with abilities that were formerly not available. The Play-To-Earn (P2E) idea, in which players’ are rewarded for their time with tokens that can be exchanged genuine cash, is currently prevalent in the video gaming world.

In this market, the GameFi design represents a substantial shift from the past, when in-game possessions were limited to central procedures and gamers were forbidden from trading their digital possessions beyond the platform. But in the last few years, the P2E company design has actually gotten massive appeal, especially in establishing nations where regional work and chances are restricted, however also where the large bulk of individuals have access to standard electronic devices and the web.

MetaGods is among the jobs that is improving the Play-To-Earn design. It is the world’s initially 8-bit action role-playing game constructed on the blockchain, as it integrates ingenious game mechanics that are at the leading edge of the continuous GameFi transformation. Players have the ability to tailor their character NFT avatars and access to distinct characters and capabilities. Along with combating lethal animals, the MetaGods in-game economy also allows users to exchange virtual items with the tokens, and enables them to make genuine cash for their experiences in the impressive dungeon employer battles.

MetaGods GameFi Model

To optimize profits, MetaGods GameFi design allows users to stake platform tokens straight through the game’s interface. They will then have the ability to make the in-game token to update their character NFTs or purchase much better weapons and famous loot. This design will also integrate a strong social part through making use of GameFi mechanics.

MetaGods includes casual and hardcore game types. Casual players can check out the game’s universe and farm thanks to the game’s play-to-earn elements. NFT permadeath is presented in Hardcore, although APY and famous loot rates are increased. The genuine enjoyable starts in this mode.

For skilled players, hardcore mode magnifies the stakes. Winners make products of increasing rarity and worth, however need to risk their finest characters in order to endure. This technique, a very first in the market, contributes to the game’s thriller and experience.

These are just the starts in the worlds of Atlantis and Zion. Additional gameplay aspects will be revealed in the future!

For the last quarter of 2021, MetaGods is now focusing its efforts on the game trailer, Early Access Dungeons, DeFi farming, and Generative NFT Characters.

MetaGods Tokens

$MGOD and $antique are the 2 digital tokens that comprise MetaGods’ community.

Using the $MGOD token, gamers can buy experience packs, that include characters, weapons, and consumables. To get in raids, competitions, and other unique occasions, it will be made use of as an admission charge. Payment for market deals will also be made in $MGOD.

Meanwhile, the $antique token will be utilized to purchase consumables and participate in market activity in the game. Tokens can be made gradually through staking, and will grow in the biggest metaverse economy. In-game merchant mechanics will help consistent the rates.

MetaGods Raised $3M

In order to bring blockchain innovation to a fast-growing video gaming sector and change the non-fungible tokens market, a variety of financiers and partners, consisting of BoxMining, ABV, Cinchblock,, Magnus Capital, Raptor Capital, and Faculty Capital, have actually signed up with the effort and contributed $3 Million to MetaGods.

Thanks to this incredible group of financiers, they now have the momentum and market acknowledgment they require to continue forward with their strategies to develop out the very best game on the blockchain.

About MetaGods

MetaGods is an 8-bit, play-to-earn action RPG where gamers combat versus the gods on the course to ascension. Each character NFT is produced by the union of mortals, demigods, and titans. They will partner with each other and battle impressive employers, while gradually ending up being real gods themselves.

The game deals with a double token system. The $MGOD and $antique are the 2 tokens of the platform. $MGOD is utilized as the governance token of the job and can be utilized to get in unique occasions. $antique is an earnable in-game currency that supports the play-to-earn structure of MetaGods.

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