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Recently, the cryptocurrency trading platform MEXC launched 2 retrospective posts: Major Events in Cryptocurrency Market 2022,Which Affected You the Most? Blog-Top 10 Highlights of MEXC 2022, which respectively examined the cryptocurrency market in 2022 and the advancement of MEXC in one year.

2022 is the most significant year for the crypto market. It has actually experienced numerous significant black swan occasions, such as the LUNA crash and the FTX thunderstorm. For users, job celebrations or cryptocurrency trading platforms, capital organizations, and so on., 2022 was a year of suffering.

Also, this year, MEXC Global continued to perform thorough optimization of the Futures, released the second-level K-line function, released NFT Index and other items at the very same time, updated the brand name color to “Ocean Blue” and other procedures, not just stood up to the crypto market In the 2nd half of this year, however its worldwide users also went beyond 10 million, its Futures liquidity reached the top place worldwide. Its Futures business grew by 1200%.

The liquidity of the Futures ranks the very first, and business has actually increased by 1200%

In 2022, MEXC has actually been concentrating on the optimization of Futures items, continue to enhance the fundamental liquidity according to the requirements of users and offer second-level K-line functions, agreement maker 0 rate activities, and so on., for agreement items.

Blockchain media Cointelegraph reported that since September this year, MEXC‘s Futures liquidity had actually reached the world’s initially. Liquidity signs are essential for agreement trading. There are constantly numerous quotes and provides in a liquid market, and traders can quickly get in and exit. The much better the liquidity, the smaller sized the spread and the lower the deal expense. A market with bad liquidity might have a considerable cost distinction, which increases the danger of being liquidated under severe market conditions.

On October 25, MEXC updated the functions of Futures items and released the second-level K-line function. MEXC is the very first cryptocurrency trading platform worldwide to release the second-level K-line function of Futures. The included 2nd-level K-line, which takes “1 second” as the duration, creates a single candle light chart, which is more prompt and user-friendly to show deal info, such as real-time costs, trading volume, and market depth.

A couple of days back, MEXC when again revealed the development of its agreement business. Its typical everyday trading volume has actually increased by 1200%, and it also released a zero-fee activity for Futures Maker. According to Cryptorank information, the everyday futures trading volume of mainstream currencies BTC & ETH and MEXC ranks 4th internationally.

Burn $246 million MX

In December 2021, MEXC released the MX Token2.0 strategy. Through the ballot of the MX Token neighborhood, not just will one MX held by the MEXC Foundation be straight burned, however also, the passed guidelines will increase the strength of repurchase and damage of MX. 40% of all platform revenues are utilized to redeem and burn MX.

The information reveals that from December 7, 2021 to December 7, 2022, an overall of about 110,332,145 MX were burned. Among them, 100 million MX will be burned straight in December 2021; in 2022, 2,266,655 MX will be burned by bought in Q1, 3,876,215 MX will be burned by bought in Q2, and 4,189,275 MX will be burned by bought in Q3. Worth around $246 million.

The very first platform to release blue-chip NFT Index

In the very first half of this year, the NFT market was thriving, however blue-chip NFTs typically cost a couple of ETH and even lots of ETH, which dissuaded lots of people. MEXC released the NFT Index for the very first time worldwide in April. By acquiring thoroughly chosen blue-chip NFTs, such as Moonbirds, Clone X, Azuki, Meebits, Doodles, and so on. as assistance, it divides them into a particular variety of tokens and introduces matching NFTs Index. The launch of NFT Index is generally to decrease the limit for users to get in NFT. Users can purchase or offer a particular share of NFT Index at any time without purchasing a total NFT. When the share of NFT Index holders reaches a total NFT, they can exchange the matching NFT.

Leveraged ETFs lead the ETF market

It is comprehended that the MEXC leveraged ETF is an open-end ETF item released in Q2019. Its qualities are that the trading guidelines are as basic as area items, no margin is needed, no liquidation guidelines, and it has a substance interest result. According to Cryptorank information, amongst comparable items on the whole network, the trading volume of MEXC leveraged ETF ranks initially.

Online Fan Token Trading Zone

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar has actually promoted the interest of cryptocurrency traders in World Cup-themed fan tokens and triggered an independent track market in the 2nd half of the year. Top exchanges such as MEXC and Binance effectively released fan token trading locations. Unlike other fan tokens, fan tokens are energy tokens related to clubs, groups, or brand names, giving holders unique fan opportunities and improving fan-club interaction. MEXC is the exchange with the biggest variety of online fan tokens, and 39 fan tokens have actually been released, such as CHZ, POR, ARG, BFT, ACM, and so on.

MEXC x Coinbase x Trust Framework

The TRUST network is an alliance of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges that are developed to divulge essential information & Privacy Prevention. MEXC has actually signed up with TRUST Network this year, dedicated to concentrating on securing client personal privacy and info security with 62 leading business worldwide, consisting of PayPal, Binance, and so on.

Trust Network Solutions:

  • Ensure the accuracy of info transmitted
  • Avoid leak of individual info kept on third-party servers
  • Prevent abuse of delicate info

M-Ventures finishes brand name upgrade, capital scale reaches $200 million

On September 28, M-Ventures, a fund under MEXC, finished its brand name upgrade, and its own funds reached $200 million. M-Ventures generally concentrates on 3 financial investment top priorities in the main market, particularly Web3, brand-new public chain ecology and facilities. In the previous 3 years, M-Ventures’ financial investment portfolio consists of lots of impressive jobs, such as Polkadot, Avalanche, Manta, and so on.

The brand name color updated to “Ocean Blue”

On November 18, MEXC finished the brand name color upgrade from “forest green” to “ocean blue.” It is comprehended that “Ocean Blue” was initially a brand name color tip advanced by Korean-speaking users and was very first updated at the Korean station after examination by MEXC. After getting large recognition from Korean users, user studies were carried out in a number of essential nations and areas. Following the ideas of the huge bulk of users, it was lastly chosen to update the brand name color of the whole website to “Ocean Blue.”

“Ocean Blue” indicates “All the rivers face the sea.” The upgrade of the brand name color “Ocean Blue” not just complies with the idea of “Users initially, MEXC’s Changing for you” however also much better analyzes the platform’s qualities – safe and expert, open and inclusive, keeping checking out, and the future of hope.




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