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“Store your wealth in Bitcoin.”

That was the message provide by Ricardo Salinas, a popular billionaire and the honorary chairman of television Azteca, in an unique interview with Bitcoin Magazine press reporter Isabella Santos recently. The uncommon sit-down interview, which marked the Mexican billionaire’s very first Spanish-language interview on the subject.

The Ricardo Salinas Interview: Mexican Billionaire Says Sell Bonds, Buy Bitcoin, & Reject Inflation (; 19:49)

In the 20-minute interview, he talked about how the cryptocurrency can serve as a secure versus inflation and the mistakes of conventional monetary systems, the discussion occurring on the event of Salinas’ acknowledgment by the Atlas Society, a company understood for promoting individualism and free-market approaches.

Salinas started by dealing with the prevalent problem of inflation, which he views as a perilous tax deteriorating individuals’s cost savings without their approval. This is an issue not just in Mexico and Latin America however also worldwide. 

To combat this, Salinas highlighted the worth of Bitcoin as a method of safeguarding one’s wealth. He highlighted its special homes, such as its resistance to inflation and its appeal in hyperinflationary economies, which prevail in Latin America.

Discussing the mass adoption of Bitcoin in Mexico, Salinas highlighted the significance of informing individuals about the effect of federal government financial policies, which he described as scams. To promote Bitcoin as a tool for monetary liberty, Salinas worried the need for people to acknowledge the manipulative nature of the monetary system.

Salinas also took on the difficulty of transitioning to Bitcoin as a shop of worth. He acknowledged the requirement for a robust custodial system in Mexico, which is still in its early phases of advancement. However, Salinas sees Bitcoin as a crucial property class, especially for long-lasting cost savings and inheritances.

The conversation reached the function of Bitcoin in third-world nations, where Salinas acknowledged that Bitcoin has the prospective to benefit these countries, especially in areas with run-away inflation. 

He highlighted the significance of people understanding the significance of safeguarding their wealth from currency debasement.

Regarding his household’s understanding of Bitcoin, Salinas kept in mind generational distinctions, especially with his dad. He explained the difficulty of describing the worth of digital properties to somebody from an older generation who may not comprehend the idea of cryptocurrency.

The interview with Ricardo Salinas clarified his passionate assistance for Bitcoin and his belief in its function as a hedge versus inflation and a protector of specific wealth. As a popular figure in business and media world, his advocacy for Bitcoin is most likely to have a substantial influence on its adoption in Mexico and beyond.

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