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Mike Novogratz: Bitcoin Investors Waiting for a New Narrative Shift

Mike Novogratz stated institutional investors are waiting for the next narrative shift in a current interview at the Bitcoin 2021 conference in Miami. The CEO of Galaxy Digital believes the marketplace is now in a debt consolidation stage after the cost crash last month. Novogratz also talked about what the increase of defi might suggest for banking operators in the future.

Mike Novogratz Thinks Bitcoin Investors Are Waiting for a New Narrative

Galaxy Digital’s CEO Mike Novogratz believes Bitcoin is still in a stage of debt consolidation after the dump in rates experienced last month. According to the business owner, possible investors are waiting for the next shift in the Bitcoin narrative. This new push would attract them to begin pumping cash into digital properties once again. Novogratz described in an interview with Yahoo Finance that he believes institutional investors are to blame for the current tank in rates.

Institutional investors had the ability to collect Bitcoin inexpensive at $9K rates, and with the abrupt cost trek this year, they needed to take revenues. Novogratz elaborates:

A year later on it’s at $60,000 and the desire to call the sales register is such a ingrained human desire that that’s what took place … We’ll see a extended period of debt consolidation … and you’re waiting for the new narrative to get here that brings the next wave of cash and I believe we’re in among those durations today.”

Novogratz believes the new narrative shift is currently in the works. A Bitcoin or crypto ETF may bring this new members to the marketplace. These instruments might press crypto to older Americans, that have actually been generally hesitant of cryptocurrency financial investments. Galaxy Digital, Novogratz’s business, submitted an application for a Bitcoin ETF back in April.

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Defi Will Affect Traditional Banking

Mike Novogratz also talked about the state of defi and how it will impact conventional banking in the future. For him, the next 5 years will see the world shocked at the increase of defi. This suggests that banking services will suffer in contrast, due to the guidelines they need to adhere to. Defi procedures, on the other hand, are basically complimentary to provide whatever yield they desire according to their activities. Traditional financing provider will battle for these to be managed.

In any case, the business owner believes banks are combating a losing fight. He worried:

Banks are going to lobby like insane — less versus bitcoin, more versus Defi — however bitcoin is the trojan horse to get whatever in to digital properties therefore transformations put on’t occur without a little bloodshed.

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