Money Manager Josh Brown: ‘ICOs Are Where The Frauds Will Take Place’


JoshBrown, the cash manager and bitcoin bear-turned-bull, had some extreme words for preliminary coin offerings (ICOs) in a brand-new article: in his words, the financing design is “where the frauds will take place.”

Writingon his Reformed Broker blog site, Brown– who previously this month told CoinDesk that he believes ICOs will “blow up in everyone’s face”– restated his position, pointing out the incredulity shared by West Loop Partners basic partner Jeff Carter in a new blog post of his own.


“Jeff’s a friend of mine but he comes at these things from a Chicago floor trader – turned angel investor’s mentality. I come at these things from a reformed stock broker’s perspective. We don’t always see eye to eye but, in this case, we’ve arrived at exactly the same place. ICOs are where the frauds will take place.”

Heblasted ICO-derived tokens as acting as little bit more than unregistered securities, specifying that, unlike some cryptocurrencies, those pieces of information can just be utilized in combination with a specific app or platform.

“Unlike traditional securities sales, there is no regulation here. I can say that I’m starting a walrus sex ranch and that the digital token I am using to raise the capital will be good for two hours of sex with one of my walruses,”he composed. “You buy five of my tokens, because you’ve always wanted to make love to a walrus, and this gives you the right to ten hours of unadulterated bliss with my product once I’ve raised enough from maniacs like you to go into operation.”

Hisremarks come as securities regulators all over the world more closely scrutinize the ICO design or establish brand-new guidelines around them. Despite cautions from some federal governments that token sales might make up securities offerings, institutional financiers have actually relocated current months to take advantage of the interest around them by backing devoted hedge funds or participating in ICOs straight.

Brownconcluded by stating that, from his point of view, total interest for the tech or cryptocurrencies in specific should not prevent a degree of hesitation about ICOs, which to this day have actually created more than $2 billion in financial investments, inning accordance with information from CoinDesk’s ICO Tracker.

“It’s okay to be bullish or even bull-curious about blockchain and bitcoin without being a credulous, fanatical moron about ICOs. This is where I stand,”he composed.

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