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Mysterious Bitcoin Maximalist Mircea Popescu Allegedly Found Dead

Mpex creator and Bitcoin evangelist Mircea Popescu apparently drowned off the coast of Costa Rica, contributing to the secret surrounding the guy, his supposed bitcoin fortune, and what it may indicate for the future of the network.

Father of “Bitcoin Toxicity” Faced No Shortage of Controversy

Just like the pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamato stimulated an awesome hunt for the real identity of the individual or individuals behind Bitcoin, the network has actually apparently lost among its most enigmatic and polarizing figures of the last years.

Mircea Popescu, a Romanian nationwide and kept in mind Bitcoin maximalist who guaranteed to dispose over one million bitcoins if block sizes were changed, apparently drowned off the coast of Costa Rica on June 23rd. Confirmation of his death has actually been little, with outlets initially reporting that a Polish nationwide had actually drowned.

A fairly mysterious figure within the neighborhood, little is understood about Popescu apart from his blogging on Trilema, assistance for security-focused open-source jobs, and devotion to keeping the Bitcoin network the same regardless of require larger block sizes.

After blogging on cryptocurrency in its early years, he established bitcoin exchange Mpex in 2012, which later on ended up being the target of a US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) examination. Satoshi DICE, a popular betting site that just accepted bitcoin, was noted on Romanian-based Mpex by Eric Voorhees.

Eventually, the listing ended up being a part of the SEC examination after the offering was not authorized by the regulator. Voorhees was later on fined and required to redeem the shares that were noted. During the circumstance, Popescu was well known for trolling the SEC, presuming regarding post his correspondence with the enforcement group in his Trilema blog site. His eccentricity was on complete screen as he set out to take apart the SEC’s demands and lay bare the holes in their arguments for info about Mpex and customer activities.

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Despite the unfamiliar about his individual and expert undertakings, Popescu’s dedication to open-source systems is popular. After the open-source os Open BSD, which has actually been around because the 1990s, faced moneying problems, Popescu contributed $20,000 in 2014 to keep the non-profit structure behind the software application running. Given the security-centric technique of the OS and Popescu’s leanings, Mpex also utilized the innovation in its platform.

Mired in debate for several years, Popescu left lots of quotes and phrases, a few of which painted a relatively unfavorable picture of the guy himself. Yet, none of his shenanigans were taken so seriously as his pledge to dispose a million bitcoins in the market if modifications were made to Bitcoin obstruct sizes (this apparently happened in 2016), making him the name “Father of Bitcoin Toxicity.” Eventually, Segwit2x, an effort developed to double the block size to 2MB, was deserted and sealed the network’s usage of the 1MB block size.

Despite never ever being validated, it was presumed that Popescu in fact did command control over that huge swathe of a million bitcoin, which, if real, made him likely the only bitcoin millionaire (owner of more than one million coins). However, this figure was never ever validated. It did produce issues due to his supposed death, however, that a person million bitcoins might strike the marketplace and cause costs to careen lower.

For now, the circumstance stays shrouded in secret amidst the absence of official verification of his death.

What do you believe will occur with Mircea Popescu’s bitcoin fortune? Let us understand in the comments area below.

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