Nasdaq’s Nordic Exchange Seeks to Patent Blockchain Data System


NasdaqNordic, a subsidiary of international exchange operator Nasdaq, is looking for to patent a blockchain-based computing system in the United States

Filedin February, the application was launched by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on August 10, with the complete submission detailing how the exchange is looking tosafeguard a dispersed system that shares and shops transactional data.

Inventedby Johan Toll and Fredrik Sjöblom, both of whom work for the post-trade market innovation at Nasdaq, the patent application information their procedure for utilizing a blockchain to set deal demands in between 2 nodes. The data matching would then be timestamped and kept in the journal, in a comparable manner in which bitcoin deals are kept its underlying blockchain.

Butwhile intriguing by itself, the filing comes just a number of days after the candidate’s moms and dad business Nasdaq Inc was exposed to have actually made a comparable filing.

Asreported by CoinDesk, Nasdaq Inc is likewise looking for to patent a dispersed platform that allows a user to send a time-sensitive file to a blockchain, where each adjustment would be taped and upgraded on a distributed ledger

Steppingback, the filings are likewise happening throughout exactly what has actually been a boom in blockchain patent applications, with CoinDesk data exposing that the rate of submissions has nearly doubled already in 2017.

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