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Popular talk show host Ellen Degeneres asked Shark Tank star Mark Cuban about cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens throughout the Ellen Degeneres Show which aired on Tuesday. Besides describing cryptocurrency to Degeneres, Cuban attempted to persuade her to accept dogecoin in her store.

Ellen Degeneres Tries to Understand Dogecoin

Shark Tank star Mark Cuban appeared on the Ellen Degeneres Show on Tuesday. Degeneres is a popular comic, tv host, starlet, author, and manufacturer. Cuban is the owner of the National Basketball Association (NBA) group Dallas Mavericks.

“Today, Mark Cuban taught me about dogecoin. I’m still uncertain I comprehend it, or understand how to pronounce it, however it sure is enjoyable to state,” Degeneres tweeted.

Popular Talk Show Host Ellen Degeneres Asks About Cryptocurrency — Mark Cuban Urges Her to Accept Dogecoin

Degeneres asked Cuban about cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). “Is that something that we should all be taking a look at?” she stated.

“The aspect of NFTs is they’re simply digital antiques,” Cuban explained. “Don’t consider the innovation at all. It’s simply another thing to gather, just it takes place to be digital.” The Shark Tank star included: “If you consider whatever on your phone that you worth, especially more youthful kids, their better belongings are things on their phone. An NFT is simply a digital collectible that you can purchase, hold, offer like any other collectible.”

Prior to airing the interview with Cuban, Degeneres released her first-ever NFT to raise cash for the World Central Kitchen (WCK). “Ellen is getting on the most recent web trend for an excellent trigger by auctioning off a never-before-sold monologue and selfie including her initial art work, ‘Woman with Stick Cat,’” the auction website explains.

On the topic of cryptocurrency, Cuban described to Degeneres that it “is simply a possession to purchase.” He continued: “Bitcoin resembles a digital variation of gold. Ethereum is a digital variation of a currency. And then you got dogecoin which is simply enjoyable however the odd part about it, it went from being a cryptocurrency joke to now ending up being something that’s ending up being a digital currency.”

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The Dallas Mavericks began accepting dogecoin for payments in March through Bitpay. Cuban even more stated:

At the Mavs, we offer a great deal of product for dogecoin and you ought to take a look at it for the Ellen store. You people might offer a great deal of things for dogecoin.

Degeneres responded: “We sure will do that.”

Noting that she was formerly thinking about purchasing property, Degeneres stated: “Now, I’m thinking about dogecoin and I truly desire to understand more about this.”

Cuban required, stating that “it’s insane, the craziest thing ever” prior to case to describe how dogecoin began as a meme cryptocurrency. The owner of the Dallas Mavericks then talked about the cryptocurrency as a financial investment, keeping in mind that dogecoin is “a much better financial investment than purchasing a lottery game ticket.”

However, Degeneres stated that she is hesitant about the know-your-customer (KYC) procedure and having to provide her social security number when registering to purchase dogecoin through a service like Robinhood. Cuban, on the other hand, stated he is less worried about it.

Do you believe Ellen Degeneres will purchase dogecoin and accept it for payments in her store? Let us understand in the comments area below.

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