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Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, has actually knocked the actions of the elites in the U.S. and Europe, mentioning that they do not constantly act in the very best interest of their own individuals. “It will backfire on them,” he stated. Putin also required a cohesive reaction to the West’s financial aggressiveness, stressing that Russia will enhance its collaborations with friendly countries and work together with foreign partners.

Putin Plans to Expand Partnerships With Friendly Countries

Russian President Vladimir Putin knocked policies in the U.S. and Europe while requiring a cohesive reaction to the West’s financial aggressiveness at a conference with the Council of Legislators on Friday, Russian news outlet Tass reported.

“We are not going to isolate ourselves. On the contrary, we will expand pragmatic, equitable, mutually beneficial relations that are nothing less than partnerships with friendly countries in Eurasia, Africa, Latin America,” Putin stated, including:

In the United States, by the method, we have a great deal of individuals that believe along the very same lines as we do. Same with Europe. The elites act in a different way. But we understand that the elites in these countries are far from constantly carrying out the policies that benefit the interest of their own individuals. It will backfire on them.

The Russian president also revealed his federal government’s desire to work together with foreign partners, consisting of worldwide business and corporations that “value their business reputation and want to cooperate with Russia.”

Putin even more worried: “Amid the West’s financial aggressiveness, the parliament, the federal government, and all local and regional authorities need to act plainly and rapidly and work as one cohesive, well-coordinated group.”

Following the beginning of the Russia-Ukraine war, Western countries enforced aggressive sanctions on Russia. Moreover, the U.S. and its Western allies have actually taken over $300 billion in Russian reserve bank foreign currency possessions frozen by sanctions.

The financial sanctions and the weaponization of the U.S. dollar have actually led a growing variety of countries to de-dollarize and settle trade in non-USD currencies. The BRICS countries are also working to produce a typical currency. This week, the deputy chairman of Russia’s Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, prompted all countries to make efforts to make sure that the “threat of global confrontation, of a hot, full-scale World War III” does not emerge. “World tensions are white-hot indeed,” he cautioned.

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