Researcher Finds an Old Twitter Profile May Have Been Satoshi Nakamoto’s Account

On February 22, 2021, an author released a post on about an confidential Twitter account that may have come from the mystical Satoshi Nakamoto. The researcher found a Twitter account called ‘Goldlover,’ and discovered some fascinating coincidences with the account’s tweets and Bitcoin’s developer.

The Curious Goldlover Tweets

An author called Varun released an fascinating analysis of a particular Twitter account that may or may not come from Bitcoin’s developer. Varun stated in his research study analysis that he came across the Twitter account called ‘Goldlover,’ and saw that the account was rather “chatty” for a time period.

The researcher also stated that Satoshi Nakamoto was the very same method up till the innovator left the neighborhood for great. The Goldlover account (@fafcffacfff) was produced in May 2008 and Varun states that a script was composed. The Goldlover tweets pointed out gold frequently, and Varun’s findings recommend that the ‘gold’ terms may remain in recommendation to “Bit Gold.”

Researcher Finds an Old Twitter Profile May Have Been Satoshi Nakamoto’s Account
“The Wall of Interesting Tweets” put together in Varun’s blog site post. (Image credit: Varun –

“On September 17th, 2008, this account made a recommendation to Digital Gold Currency,” Varun’s post highlights. “In in between an amazing quantity of ridiculous tweets about gold, in some cases there would be tweets which referenced decentralization, monetary crisis, individuals losing their houses, fiat currency, criticism of the Federal Reserve,” Varun states. “These are all trademarks of talking points utilized by Satoshi in his e-mails and online forum posts which are popular, post-Bitcoin statement.”

For circumstances, on December 19, 2008, Goldlover said:

The Great Stock Panic of 2008 was so mercilessly ruthless that no sector left its devastations.

What is also rather fascinating is that no other Twitter accounts back in January 2009, other than for Hal Finney, tweeted about Bitcoin. “Based on all of this, this is great enough for me to feel rather positive that this certainly was Satoshi’s initial confidential Twitter account,” Varun notes.

On January 11, 2009, Hal Finney tweeted about the crypto possession and not too long after that Goldlover wrote: “From: Satoshi Nakamoto – 2009-01-11 22:32 Bitcoin v0.1.2 is now offered for d.”

The really exact same day on January 29, 2009, Goldlover also said:

It’s entirely decentralized without any server or relied on celebrations.

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Exploring the Limitless Depths of Satoshi’s Mind

Ever considering that Varun released his post about the declared Satoshi Nakamoto Twitter account, individuals have been engaging with Goldlover’s 12-year-old tweets.

“Thanks for altering the world Satoshi,” an specific wrote on Monday.

“Feeling adequately confidential with this puzzling account run considering that May 2008, this may have been a slip to now begin connecting and appearing as the second tweet ever to discuss Bitcoin,” Varun’s blog site post states. “If Hal was Satoshi, then why continue tweeting from this unidentified account, which hardly had any fans?” Varun asks. The researcher stated that he might have oversleeped every Saturday early morning, however this Twitter account had him on the hunt for Nakamoto.

The report concludes:

Having concluded this was Satoshi – we put on’t understand who, the remainder of the tweets now supply an insight into his state of mind, and each tweet here requires to be branched off and checked out in endless depths.

At completion of Varun’s theory, he left a mystical tweet from Goldlover which speaks about a treasure box with oranges in the sky.

“If you understand where there are oranges in the sky in Winter Garden, you are on the ideal track for finding a treasure box,” Goldlover tweeted.

Just just recently a group of armchair sleuths have been on the hunt for Satoshi’s stow away of bitcoins due to the fact that they think Nakamoto left the coins to be the best witch hunt ever. Despite the coincidences and the very old and puzzling tweets from Goldlover, we put on’t understand for sure if the Twitter account in fact come from Satoshi, however today many individuals are hypothesizing.

What do you think of the Goldlover Twitter account that may come from Satoshi Nakamoto? Let us understand what you think of this topic in the comments area below.

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