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Electron Cash, a leading bitcoin cash wallet, has actually executed a new function called Reusable Payment Addresses. While still in its screening phases, this function is a tool that can be leveraged to get a much deeper level of privacy for your deals, due to how it removes public addresses from payment history, providing Bitcoin Cash some Monero-like abilities.

Reusable Payment Addresses: More Privacy for Your Transactions

The designers of Electron Cash, among the leading bitcoin cash wallets, have actually presented Reusable Payment Addresses, a new privacy function for the wallet. While it is still in its alpha phases, the performance exists. Reusable Payment Addresses permits users to have another layer of privacy when negotiating. When a user offers another a payment address, it also hands out the entire story of payments related to it, together with the balance it consists of.

This postures a huge issue for privacy-concerned users: whenever a user or business posts an address it suggests that entity’s monetary info is exposed. Reusable Payment Addresses objective to fix this issue by offering an alternate address, called “Paycode.” Paycodes are various from traditional public addresses due to the fact that they are not associated straight with the history of the user, and in this sense, they can be shown no concerns.

Paycodes can also be related to other use functions like Cash Accounts, which permits users to take pleasure in both the privacy of Paycodes and the benefit of human-readable account names.

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Bitcoin Cash Is Gearing Up for More Privacy

With this new addition, Bitcoin Cash is preparing increasingly more for privacy choices, using some Monero-like abilities to its users. Reusable Payment Addresses are simply another tool that is now readily available for Bitcoin Cash users to even more boost their privacy toolbox. Combined with other tools like CashBlend, which obfuscates deals by merging coins, it uses an extensive privacy-oriented suite for privacy-savvy users.

While the Reusable Payment Addresses choice is still in alpha phases and just readily available by means of the Electron Cash wallet, once it is adequately evaluated it might be executed in any wallet, due to the fact that it is open-source code software application. The generalization of this performance would develop a decide-in privacy function that might be helpful for business like dining establishments and any others that wear’t desire to expose their payments circulation, and for political and flexibility activists in a number of nations all over the world.

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