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Russia Blasts Decision to Extradite Alleged Bitcoin Money Launderer


Russia’s foreign ministry has actually greatly slammed a Greek court’s decision to extradite Alexander Vinnik to the United States for his alleged function in laundering funds through the BTC-e bitcoin exchange.

Ina declaration, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs stated today that they “noted with regret” that the court decided toabide by the United States’s extradition ask for Vinnik, who was apprehended in Greece in late July and was implicated of laundering billions of dollars in bitcoin through the exchange.

BothVinnik and BTC-e were later on charged by United States district attorneys, with FinCEN bying far a $110million fine after the sealed indictment was revealed.

Sincethen, Vinnik has actually stayed in Greece pending the result of the extradition procedure. During that time the Russian federal government moved to extradite Vinnik on unassociated charges, a relocation that was later on backed by Vinnik himself in a declaration to Russia Today.

Todate, Vinnik has actually preserved that he is innocent of the charges, though he declares to have actually worked for BTC-e in the past. BTC-e, for its part, has actually rejected Vinnik’s participation and, considering that the exchange’s website domain was taken by United States representatives, has actually moved to develop a brand-new cryptocurrency exchange.

Buttoday’s judgment by a Greek judge was met discouragement by the Russian foreign ministry, which in a declaration prompted the court to reevaluate the decision.

TheRussian federal government stated:

“We deem the verdict unjust and a violation of international law. A request from the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office on extraditing Mr Vinnik to Russia was submitted to the Greek authorities. Based on legal precedent, the Russian request should take priority as Mr Vinnik is a citizen of Russia.”

Thedeclaration especially makes no reference of BTC-e or the particular criminal activities for which Vinnik has actually been implicated. That stated, it does make note that Vinnik’s legal group will appeal the decision, possibly leaving it up to the Greek Justice Ministry to select where the Russian nationwide will be sent out.

Theforeign ministry likewise revealed hope that Vinnik will eventually be extradited to Russia.

“We hope the Greek authorities will consider the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office request, and Russia’s reasoning, and act in strict compliance with international law,”the ministry stated.

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