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One of the most long-lasting secrets of contemporary times has actually produced another fascinating twist. Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin’s pseudonymous and enigmatic developer, has actually not been seen online in more than 8 years. Evidence has actually now emerged that indicate a brand-new Satoshi prospect, whose recognized life has a variety of parallels with that of Bitcoin’s creator. His name is Paul Le Roux and, if shown to be Satoshi, there is an excellent reason that his 1 million BTC hasn’t moved – the Rhodesian has actually remained in prison because 2012.

Craig Wright, Paul Le Roux, and the Badly Redacted Document

The Kleiman v. Wright claim unfolding in the Florida courts has actually been filled with misdirection, red herrings, mistruths, forgeries, and strange theories, typically drifted by the offender Craig Wright. Document 187, “Dr. Craig Wright’s Motion For Protective Order,” was just recently submitted with heavy redaction since Wright allegedly “has a well-founded worry that these bad guys and their partners would look for retribution if they found out of his participation in their apprehension and imprisonment.”

Satoshi Nakamoto Could Be Criminal Mastermind Paul Le Roux
The unredacted footnote from file 187

Someone forgot to edit among the matching footnotes, nevertheless, allowing an observant sleuth to recognize the master criminal in concern: Paul Le Roux. The 46-year-old cartel employer is a character as flamboyant as Wright himself, however cut from an extremely various fabric. Readers might currently recognize with Le Roux’s life story, which emerged in a seven-part series on Atavist and subsequent book entitled “The Mastermind.” As the blurb sums up:

He was a fantastic developer and a vicious cartel employer, who ended up being a treasured U.S. federal government property.

It has actually now been recommended that Paul Le Roux might be Satoshi Nakamoto – which Craig Wright remains in ownership of encrypted hard disk drives including Le Roux’s multi-billion-dollar stash of bitcoins. It’s an insane theory, and yet, on closer evaluation, there is a prima facie case for Bitcoin’s mastermind being criminal mastermind Le Roux.

Satoshi Nakamoto Could Be Criminal Mastermind Paul Le Roux
A young Le Roux.

Paul Le Roux Built a Criminal Empire – But Did He Also Build Bitcoin?

As his Wikipedia page – the really exact same page which left redaction in the Kleiman v. Wright case – notes, “Paul Calder Le Roux is a previous developer, previous criminal cartel employer and informant to the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). He produced E4M, an open-source complimentary Windows disk file encryption software application, in 1999, and is a presumed developer of the open-source TrueCrypt, which is based upon E4M’s code.”

Then it drops a bomb: “Le Roux is presently in United States custody for buying the assassinations of 6 individuals.”

If any film writers mulling a Satoshi Nakamoto film are looking for motivation, they simply got a big shot of it. With a profession that’s consisted of logging, rare-earth elements mining, gold smuggling, land offers, drug deliveries, arms trafficking and loan laundering, Le Roux is a one-man film waiting to take place – which’s prior to the Bitcoin connection is tossed into the mix. In among the lots of passports Le Roux owned, he passes the Satoshi-like name of “Solotshi” – which’s simply the start of the curious coincidences.

A Daily Mail short article which also slipped through the redactor’s net, leaving a trace of the URL noticeable in file 187 pointed out at the start, calls Le Roux a “real-life Bond bad guy behind a drug and weapon empire covering 4 continents who’s now turned super-snitch” and prices quote U.S. representatives as calling him “an extremely bad person.”

Satoshi Nakamoto Could Be Criminal Mastermind Paul Le Roux
“Solotshi” Le Roux.

Satoshi and Solotshi

As the anon who published on 4chan’s /biz/ messageboard on May 12, after finding Le Roux’s name in the Wright case postulated, “Bitcoin was a job of a evil genius … Paul Solotshi Calder Le Roux. He planned it merely for the function of loan laundering … Unfortunately, not long after he went peaceful with the Satoshi identity, he was caught by police, and he’s going to invest the rest of his life decaying in prison cell.”

Even if Le Roux did develop Bitcoin, it does not follow that loan laundering was his objective: it would likelier have actually been an extension of his fixation with cryptography, which can be traced back to the 90s. Before Paul Le Roux broke bad, he was by all accounts a fantastic developer and personal privacy ideologue. In 1997, he started deal with E4M (Encryption for the Masses), software application which “can securing whole disks, and additionally of possible deniability (rejecting the presence of an encrypted volume),” Wikipedia describes. It continues:

In the “Politics” area of the E4M site [archive], Le Roux released a sort of manifesto specifying that federal governments are progressively depending on electronic information event. Citing tasks such as Echelon, connected to the 5 country states which would end up being referred to as the “Five Eyes” more than a years later on, he specified that file encryption is the only method to maintain civil liberties.

The E4M manifesto surfaces: “Strong Encryption is the system with which to fight these invasions, maintain your rights, and ensure your flexibilities into the details age and beyond – Paul Le Roux, Author, Encryption for the Masses.”

Satoshi Nakamoto Could Be Criminal Mastermind Paul Le Roux

10 Clues That Point to Le Roux Building Bitcoin

For those intent on comparing Satoshi and Le Roux’s personalities for resemblances, there are numerous characteristics and actions that line up – plus a couple of that put on’t. Given that both entities were skilled at presuming incorrect personalities and hiding their natural language and peculiarities, recognition is no simple job. Here’s what’s understood about the set that indicates them being the exact same individual:

  1. The curious Satoshi/Solotshi names.
  2. Both were developers acquainted with C++.
  3. Both had a strong interest in cryptography and personal privacy.
  4. Both watched out for authority.
  5. Both had an interest in online betting – Bitcoin’s preliminary code had a poker customer consisted of.
  6. Both were aware of the trouble with standard payment systems, Le Roux on account of the prohibited prescription drug racket he was running.
  7. Satoshi’s spelling and language – “evaluate, colour, defence, bloody, tough” follows Rhodesian Le Roux’s.
  8. Satoshi vanished in early 2011 to “carry on to other things” around the time that Le Roux was transitioning from software application genius to cartel employer.
  9. With 10s of countless dollars in money, Le Roux would have had no requirement to squander his BTC once the cost started increasing.
  10. If anybody could have concealed wallets including 1 million BTC, it would have been the developer of disk file encryption software application TrueCrypt.

And then there’s this post from 2002, 7 years prior to Bitcoin was launched:

Satoshi Nakamoto Could Be Criminal Mastermind Paul Le Roux

It doesn’t read like Satoshi’s voice, however it does read an extremely lot like somebody’s early concept of Bitcoin. The IP address of the author has actually allegedly been traced to the Netherlands – a nation where Le Roux when lived.

For all of the surface area proof that recommends Le Roux could have been Satoshi, not all of the points line up. In 2009, for instance, when Satoshi was vigilantly refining Bitcoin, Le Roux was currently meddling drug smuggling and weapon running. Would it have been possible to preserve such a double life, one disorderly and the other academic?

Satoshi Nakamoto Could Be Criminal Mastermind Paul Le Roux
Some of the $100M of drug took from a delivery that Le Roux sent out by boat

A Credible Satoshi or 4D Chess From Craig Wright?

In an IRC chat dating from around the time of the Bitcoin Cash ABC/SV split, user “CSW” (Craig Wright) links Bitcointalk and r/Bitcoin mediator Theymos to Paul Le Roux, declaring that the set utilized to be partners “prior to Le Roux was jailed”. He also asserts that Theymos is still in the “pharma spam service,” which dovetails with Le Roux’s prohibited pharmaceutical service.

Satoshi Nakamoto Could Be Criminal Mastermind Paul Le Roux

There is a caution to all of this, naturally: Craig Wright is a regular phony, whose every utterance needs to be fact-checked. Given that Le Roux’s name has actually been related to Satoshi because late 2018, it is possible that Wright acquired it, and wove it into the fanfic he’s been crafting for the Kleiman case. As such, any proof from the mouth of the guy referred to as Faketoshi ought to be treated with care. Few, aside from Calvin Ayre, think that Craig Wright produced Bitcoin, however lots of think that by luck or style he could have been hiding in the background from near the start.

Satoshi Nakamoto Could Be Criminal Mastermind Paul Le Roux
A December 2018 4chan post recommending Le Roux is Satoshi

Could this participation have been because of Wright functioning as an informant on Le Roux, himself now an informant following his arrest in September 2012? It sounds fanciful, however it’s definitely an interesting concept. As one anon thought, “Craig Wright was a worker of Le Roux, who was slightly knowledgeable about the bitcoin job. Craig was an informant who assisted lower Le Roux, and after his arrest, Craig handled (by means of very long time good friend and partner in criminal activity, Dave Kleiman) to get his hands on the wallets that hold a million bitcoins, however regrettably for Craig, all of Solotshi’s coins are locked away in safe and secure TrueCrypt volumes (TrueCrypt being another software application that Le Roux established). He has actually been pursuing years to break them however without any success.”

“Another of Craig’s very long time pals, Calvin Ayre, has actually established storage facilities of computer systems to attempt to fracture Solotshi’s password and unlock the huge fortunes; his mining activity is merely a front to make these huge datacenters look genuine. Craig is being established as ‘the genuine satoshi’ so that when the coins are lastly opened, they can legally offer them off.”

Satoshi Nakamoto Could Be Criminal Mastermind Paul Le Roux
In this file from the Kleiman v. Wright case, Wright declares to have access to Truecrypt submits that he cannot access. It has actually been hypothesized that these are not Dave’s, however rather Paul Le Roux’s.

If the Rhodesian criminal activity employer is Satoshi Nakamoto, it suggests that the 2 most significant factors to Bitcoin’s early success, Paul Le Roux and Ross Ulbricht, are both in the custody of U.S. authorities. There they will likely see out the rest of their lives, while the remainder of the world make money from the developments of these flawed geniuses. Interestingly, in bit more than 24 hours, guarantees to expose the identity of Bitcoin’s developer. While the cryptosphere will not be holding its breath in anticipation, the countdown includes more intrigue to the most long-lasting secret of the digital age.

Satoshi Nakamoto Could Be Criminal Mastermind Paul Le Roux

What are your ideas on the Paul Le Roux and Satoshi connection? Let us understand in the comments area below.

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