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The last couple of weeks of global hysteria has actually revealed there’s been a mad dash for dollars and numerous fiat currencies. Moreover, reserve banks have actually attempted to stop cash liquidity problems by injecting trillions into the hands of personal banks and hedge funds around the world. As the monetary system shudders with more than $250 trillion in global debt, the federal government’s financial system looks more like a collapsing Ponzi plan every day. Charles Ponzi would take pride in the world’s fiat system, as today’s financial structure needs an unlimited supply of victims to sustain self-confidence in currencies backed by absolutely nothing.

Central Banks Pump Trillions Into the Hands of Financial Institutions Trying to Establish Confidence in the Fiat Ponzi Scheme

The coronavirus scare has actually developed havoc throughout global markets and in action, reserve banks worldwide have actually injected trillions into the hands of personal banks and business entities. For circumstances, the Federal Reserve exposed it would be funneling $500 billion daily into repo markets till Friday and the reserve bank began repo operations on Monday. Bank of England’s guv Andrew Bailey told the press on Wednesday that the bank was “prepared to pump endless cash into the monetary system.”

Scramble for Dollars: Emergency Cash Injections in $250 Trillion Global Debt Place the Fiat Ponzi On Ventilator
The Bank of England’s Andrew Bailey stated he’s ready to pump endless QE into the hands of banks.

There are also a minimum of 20 well recognized reserve banks that have actually injected huge quantities of fiat into the hands of banks. In the U.S., partisan Congress members and President Trump have actually authorized a trillion-dollar bundle to fight the coronavirus result on the economy. The federal government is even discussing ‘helicopter cash’ by putting $1K or more into the hands of American locals. At the end of 2019, global debt had actually increased to $250 trillion and trillions more have actually been included within the last 2 weeks.

Scramble for Dollars: Emergency Cash Injections in $250 Trillion Global Debt Place the Fiat Ponzi On Ventilator

With all the enormous printing and all the debt amassing, individuals have actually been rushing for dollars and a short-term repair throughout the turmoil. The financial system is appearing like a Ponzi plan where individuals at the top are hurrying to leave in the past the system collapses. With covid-19 assaulting their profits, corporations and banks are asking for more stimulus even after in 2015’s unbelievable stock exchange bull run. Still, the crisis has many individuals stunned that they are not questioning the debt issue till they are confronted with a credit crunch. The U.S. dollar and the rest of the fiat currencies are rapidly revealing their real colors as full-fledged Ponzi plans.

The term Ponzi plan stems from the approach’s developer Charles Ponzi, an Italian born trickster who defrauded a variety of financiers with among the very first prominent pyramid plans. Essentially, Charles Ponzi fooled paying individuals into hiring a lot more individuals by guaranteeing huge returns that were expected to funnel downward. However, Ponzis normally collapse due to the fact that they wear’t sustain for long. Top members of the Ponzi constantly leave the lower end individuals with absolutely nothing after taking whatever throughout a time period.

Scramble for Dollars: Emergency Cash Injections in $250 Trillion Global Debt Place the Fiat Ponzi On Ventilator
The 3 leading U.S. indexes saw gains on Thursday too however still have a methods to go for a good healing. In order for a Ponzi rip-off to continue, individuals should be positive in the system.

Politicians and Bankers Faced a Margin Call – They Want You and Future Generations to Bail Them Out

Out of the $250 trillion+ of global debt, the U.S. commands a large amount ($23 trillion) of that, along with nations like Japan ($11 trillion), and China ($6.2 trillion). Bureaucrats and main lenders from these nations have no objective of settling their financial obligations. They merely understand that the Ponzi system will lose substantial quantities of cash each year and they simply develop brand-new debt to keep it going. Essentially, when the margin calls come in and financial obligations are due, revenues are paid to the political leader tricksters and the lenders who offer the rip-off to newbies. The revenues come from suckers who want to boost the self-confidence of the U.S. dollar, the euro, pound sterling, yen, and controlled stock exchange.

Scramble for Dollars: Emergency Cash Injections in $250 Trillion Global Debt Place the Fiat Ponzi On Ventilator

Governments like the U.S. exclusively depend on the self-confidence of their financial institutions and they understand they can cheat the video game a lot more each year without people even understanding. Instead of development, political leaders shill debt in order to keep the Ponzi plan going even more powerful. If bureaucrats didn’t sell the fiat Ponzi plan, the con would be exposed quickly and the people would likely toss them out of workplace. Crises and financial fires they began and tossed fuel on are typically utilized to keep the pyramid plan still going in the face of a burning emergency.

Scramble for Dollars: Emergency Cash Injections in $250 Trillion Global Debt Place the Fiat Ponzi On Ventilator
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While reserve banks and bureaucrats discover methods to control the world’s financial system, cryptocurrencies can benefit global people by using them an escape of the controlled and monopolized video game. As more individuals sign up with the cryptoconomy by utilizing digital possessions like bitcoin cash (BCH), they can pull out of a system filled with wild inflation and terrific busts and booms. While the reserve banks handle the cash crunch and develop more monetary crises worldwide, cryptocurrencies will exist to use monetary sovereignty and censorship-resistant cash. A financial service that provides such advantages in a society filled with multi-level fiat currency Ponzi rip-offs will definitely grow in the face of hardship.

What do you think of the scramble for dollars and how cryptocurrencies use financial flexibility in a world filled with financial control?

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