SmartKey and Orange Revolutionize the Blockchain of Things

As innovation moves on, you utilize more and more developments to facilitate your everyday activities. The cooperation of the biggest Polish telecom operator with the ingenious BoT (Blockchain of Things) service provider enhances the basic of your life. With the usage of innovation supplied by SmartKey, Orange’s Live Objects platform puts an end to all the issues that emerge when utilizing your gadgets.

ORANGE POLSKA is the biggest telecom operator in Poland, serving 14.36 million clients, and a leader of M2M. The business plays a substantial function in digitalization of the nation by application of ingenious innovations on a nationwide scale. Now, thanks to SmartKey, the Orange Live Objects leads in incorporating the cities of the future in the BIoT (Blockchain IoT) design. The platform covers the core functions of the IoT (Internet of Things) job and lets you handle linked gadgets with the usage of decentralized applications (dApps) blockchain.

  • IoT options in over 2000 cities around the world
  • service provider of over 2 million SIM cards for M2M Internet of Things options
  • 266 million users around the world

SMARTKEY is a universal worldwide interaction requirement (similar to Bluetooth) that incorporates IoT gadgets. Registering gadgets with an Orange SIM card in the blockchain network will make it possible to produce and disperse NFTs produced by SmartKey and usage the SmartKey Connector Technology in all performances of Live Objects.

SmartKey and Orange Revolutionize the Blockchain of Things

SMARTKEY AND ORANGE’S COOPERATION is starting in Poland, where SmartKey is headquartered. The collaboration will then be presented internationally, with more than 2,000 cities incorporated into the platform. The distinct combination of Orange’s worldwide Live Objects IoT platform and SmartKey’s innovation (to be called Orange BIoT SIM by SmartKey) will be utilized in clever cities around the world.

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