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According to a study called “A World of NFT Adoption” released by, the United States has the most non-fungible token (NFT) business head office in the world. While the U.S. catches more than 41% of the NFT companies worldwide, the second biggest number of NFT start-up areas originates from Singapore, as the nation hosts over 10% in the area.

91 NFT Companies Reside in the United States, Singapore Follows With 24 Startups, Taiwan Leads the World in Terms of NFT Interest

NFT Club released a research study report that examines Google searches associated to non-fungible tokens and the amount of NFT companies worldwide. The study shows the nation with the most interest in NFTs, according to NFT-associated Google inquiries per 100,000 individuals. According to NFT Club’s data, Taiwan leads the world with 2,300,330 searches and a population of around 23,888,595 locals.

“Using Google search information, we were able to determine which nations make the most NFT-associated searches,” NFT Club’s study notes. “We took a look at a variety of typical NFT search inquiries and discovered their overall volumes over the in 2015 for 50 various nations in order to expose the location where individuals are the most thinking about non-fungible tokens.”

NFT searches are also popular in Australia, as the nation holds the second-largest position in terms of interest. The number of NFT browses down under clocked in at 2,137,060 inquiries amongst a population of around 26,068,792 people. While Taiwan and Australia recorded the leading 2 positions in terms of NFT interest by nation per 100,000 individuals, Canada, Iceland, and New Zealand follow.

Study Shows the United States Is Home to 41% of the NFT Companies Worldwide

NFT Club’s research study also information that the United States is home to the highest-funded NFT business, Forte Labs, and the second-highest financed start-up, Sorare, originates from France. The U.S. leads in terms of the most NFT companies worldwide with 91 companies taped, which shows the U.S. is home to 41.55% of all the NFT start-ups. Singapore has 24 NFT companies found in the nation, which corresponds to 10.96% of all the NFT start-ups worldwide.

India today has the third-largest number of NFT companies found in the nation, with 11 organizations overall or 5.02% of the worldwide aggregate. India is followed by Canada, Australia, Japan, and the United Kingdom, respectively. In addition to leading with the most NFT companies, the U.S. hosts 5 of the 10 highest-funded NFT companies. The list of U.S.-based NFT companies consists of Forte Labs, Opensea, Fancraze, Genies, and Pixel Vault, with a combined $1.6 billion in moneying raised.

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