Token Summit Creator: SEC ICO Guidance a ‘Breath of Fresh Air’


Itmay not be the very first response you ‘d get out of one of individuals most accountable for promoting the usage of cryptographic tokens as a financial investment tool.

However, the creator of the Token Summit conference that assisted bring the idea to the fore of the industry thinks brand-new remarks from the United States Securities and Exchange Commission will do much to motivate the sector to enhance. Issued today, the SEC found that tokens released by an ethereum task called The DAO were securities, triggering shockwaves in a market that had long been expecting such news.

Still, financier and author William Mougayar thinks that the guidance used will assist “elevate the standards” of business owners looking for to utilize the funding model.

Citingcurrent commentary where he has spoke out about the unfavorable results of speeding up development in the sector, Mougayar called the finding that some ICOs might fulfill the meaning of a security “well balanced” and a “breath of fresh air.”

Mougayarinformed CoinDesk:

“The SEC poured some cold water on two key aspects that were weak links in the ICO value chain. One, the overly promotional aspects in communicating ICOs, and two, the lack of transparency in disclosing essential and non-obtuse information for consumers.”

Assuch, Mougayar stated that the released guidance from the SEC, which observers mentioned as unusual in the scope and coordination, need to do much to assist the market enhance as it looks for mainstream users.


“The SEC position re-enforces the need for increased discipline in ICO practices.”

WilliamMougayar image through CoinDesk Archives

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