Ukraine’s ‘Largest Illegal’ Mining Facility May Have Been a FIFA Bot Farm

An information center busted by Ukrainian police this month for thought electrical power theft may have had a function various from mining cryptocurrencies. Ukraine’s security service explained the facility as the “biggest underground crypto farm” discovered to date however media reports are challenging that assertion.

Ukrainian Company Files Complaints Against SBU Raid on Its Facility

Earlier in July, the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) revealed it exposed a crypto mining farm that had actually been powered with taken energy in the city of Vinnytsia. Officers took around 5,000 systems of hardware, consisting of 3,800 video gaming consoles and 500 video cards, from a previous storage facility of Vinnytsiaoblenerho. The regional electrical energy apparently suffered losses of approximately $256,000.

The prohibited mining facility, the police stated, was run by homeowners of Vinnytsia and the capital Kyiv. According to a post by, the seized devices comes from a business called MMI Engineering which is participated in software application advancement, network upkeep, and AI training. Its legal representatives called the news outlet and implicated the SBU of spreading out incorrect details.

Ukraine’s ‘Largest Illegal’ Mining Facility May Have Been a FIFA Bot Farm
Source: MMI Engineering

The IT firm claims it purchases its electrical power from JSC Vinnytsiaoblenerho and the location’s grid operator, Enera Vinnytsia Ltd., paying its costs at industrial rates and in accordance with the meter readings. It also leases the facilities hosting its hardware from a business called Alfa Energy which is the present owner of the storage facility.

Meanwhile, Vinnytsiaoblenerho launched a declaration, according to which the storage facility has actually never ever been inhabited by a cryptocurrency farm. Its workers were also not able to discover any indications of electrical power theft throughout an examination carried out with agents of the local branch of Ukraine’s State Inspectorate for Energy Supervision. The energy stressed:

The details about multimillion dollar thefts of electrical power does not represent truth.

MMI Engineering stated the taken devices expenses about 30 million Ukrainian hryvnia (over $1 million) and it’s now attempting to get it back. The business included that the SBU raid has actually disabled its operations and its legal representatives have currently submitted main grievances with the Pechersk District Court and the Prosecutor General’s Office in Kyiv.

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Suspected Crypto Mining Farm Turns Out to Be Minting In-Game Currency

The Ukrainian entity, which is owned by the UAE-based company Zafar Technology, did not supply any information concerning the particular usage of its computer system devices. Playstation 4 Slims video gaming consoles and discs have been found in the photos launched by the SBU on June 8. And although it’s usually possible to mine cryptos with them, lots of in Ukraine think it’s most likely the consoles have been utilized for gaming-related applications.

Ukraine’s ‘Largest Illegal’ Mining Facility May Have Been a FIFA Bot Farm

The proof recommends that the facility in Vinnytsia might have been a video gaming bot farm instead of a crypto mining one. According to an investigative report by the Ukrainian company website, the bot farm may have been utilized for grinding. That’s when players utilize software application to carry out recurring jobs in gameplay that reward the gamer with something important in the specific circumstance like acquiring experience points, for instance, or raising a character’s level. The SBU decreased to discuss the possible usage of the hardware pointing out the continuous examination.

Delo is pricing estimate an unnamed source from the SBU, who apparently stated that the Playstations were utilized for “pumping bots” for FIFA, EA Games’ popular soccer computer game series. In FIFA’s popular Ultimate Team mode, players can collect a group of preferred gamers and complete versus each other online.

They can either invest genuine money on loot boxes that provide a restricted possibility of getting high-value cards, Eurogamer discusses, or bet months in order to conserve sufficient FUT coins, the in-game currency, to invest in the FIFA auction home. It appears the PS4 consoles in the Ukrainian bot farm have been grinding to produce accounts filled with FUT cash that can be consequently offered to players, likely on the black market.

What do you think of the case of the supposed crypto mining farm in Vinnytsia? Share your ideas in the comments area below.

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